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  1. When I was posted to MVEE in late seventies which I still refer as an Alladdins cave for REME mechanics, I worked in the B workshops and knew virtually nothing about nuts, screw or bolt sizes as it was unheard of at the time for any small units to hold any stock of them. The divvy foreman named Eddie would not let me have any at all unless I could tell him the correct size, length,type and pitch and you soon learned very quickly what you needed otherwise you went without and it could be a bit of a challenge considering .the type of vehicles we worked on at MVEE, I did invite Eddie and hi s f
  2. In or around the cat are a couple of lambada sensors which is part of what i was referring to if memory serves me correctly here is a copy and paste of what it does [h=2]What does the Lambda sensor do?[/h] The most popular method used by vehicle manufacturers to reduce engine emissions is the three-way catalyst (catalytic converter). This device has the ability to take the three main toxic gases produced by an engine which are carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) and convert them to considerably less harmful, non-poisonous gases: ca
  3. Chris I built a fence using the same idea as you but I made the fence from wooden pallets and soaked all the wood in hydraullic oil which i thought would penetrate the wood better and like your was still in use after a long period of time in fact the persun who bought the house also kept the same fence only to replace it with old raiway sleeper which no doubt will last another long period however environmentally incorrect.
  4. I have run my cars in the past on contaminated fuel both petrol and diesel models by adding a gallon of the contaminated fuel when I used to fill the tank, being a Scotsman I hated waste especially at my expense. It may not be political correct to do it nowadays. Both vehicles clocked in excess of a 100k with no damage to either engines, but I would not do it with a modern car with all there electronic sensors, it could make a right mess of your modern engine.
  5. Most local garages can now dispose of waste/contaminated fuel but you would have to check out the cost for that services as some charge some don't. I know when I was in the trade we had a 45 gallon drum which we used for contaminated fuel and a recycling contractor emptied on a regular basis, you'd be surprised how many people put petrol in there diesel cars and vice versa.
  6. In my service time 70s - 80s as a VMB* what we coveted most was the armourers green canvas bag that they used for small arms repairs on the ranges, took me 9 years to legally get one from the SSGT Armourer, they made an ideal quick breakdown bag, still using mine today.
  7. I remember them well (KFS) I used to get a new set before every exercise along with half the regiment until the cookhouse cottoned on and a few weeks before excecises the plastic cutlery came out and they still disappeared from thhe cookhouse, nothing was safe in them days.
  8. With regards to regulators I was caught out on this when I was a workshop manager and had an audit, BOC regulators are time dated stamped and BOC reccomend replacement/overhaul every 5 years the ones I had were 10 years old and still working fine. see attached link page 21 gives the info under Regulator maintenance. https://www.boconline.co.uk/internet.lg.lg.gbr/en/images/BOC-operating-safety-instructions410_39396.pdf
  9. A friend of mine had a problem many years ago (1978) with a misfire on a V8 on a landrover 1tonne, it was bad starting and misfiring, he eventually diagnosed that it was only firing on one bank of 4 cylinders. The fault was traced to a faulty sensor/switch but cannot remember what one although the oil sensor springs to mind it was such a long time ago time has faded the full incident. Regards
  10. Martyn In the book I read about the Korean war it says the 39 men of D Coy the sole survivors of the battalion who had taken part in the battle were carried to safety on the tanks, these were American tanks. This was the "Battle of the Imijin River 23rd April 1951"
  11. The Korean War Commonwealth Forces [TABLE] [TR] [TD=width: 50%, align: center] Formation / Unit [/TD] [TD=align: center] Country [/TD] [TD=align: center] Month of... Arrival [/TD] [TD=align: center] Month of... Departure N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=bgcolor: #FFF0F0, colspan: 4, align: center]HEADQUARTERS[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 50%, align: center] H.Q., 27th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade. (Up to 30th September, 1950, the desig
  12. Martyn This link may help you http://www.northeastmedals.co.uk/britishguide/korean_war_commonwealth_u... but as previosly stated the best place is probably the Gloucesters Musuem or if they have a website
  13. Hi Boots It is as the name a foresight protector to help keep your weapon zeroed, as the front sites were more fragile than the rear sites easily damaged or bent, you used to put on your foresight protector to prevent it getting damaged when not actually firing the weapon or patrolling with the weapon. I cannot remember it being used when carrying out drill either as I seem to remember my clothing getting ripped on occassions
  14. Hi Brian You werent by any chance ex 2 RTR, supported that football team named Watford? and got replaced by a chap called Steve?
  15. If you look closely at the picture I use in my title you will see a small chieftain(Possibly yours in working condition?) following a real chieftain, the picture was taken at MVEE whereabouts I cannot say for sure as trials were carried out all over the UK. The picture was taken sometime between 1977 to 1980 as I know the trooper in the chiftain who was stationed there the same time as me. Whether the model was built by apprentices or as part of a project I cannot remember now, but I do know that apprentices at MVEE did build some items during their apprenticeship.
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