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  1. hello friends I wanted to thank all the wonderful forum, and all those who participate. your help and your posts have been useful for my restoration
  2. Hello friends I'm putting a bm wm20 of 43 (I guess) I could not get it exactly. When approaching the reservoir I became aware of what appears to be a posthumous addition where we had to pass the air filter tube before. I attach you to the photos I wanted to know if I would need to restore it to my chassis number or if the tanks were done. On the sides of the tank there are pads for mounting the pads Thanks for almost any help you can give me
  3. You know help on this measure? I need to know width and its positioning in the barrel in my .Sadly had been removed I am attaching a photo. thanks for all your help
  4. hello friends ...... work is proceeding will post some photos
  5. They have interassato let me also know how to pay you in MP and the cost to pay you They have interassato let me also know how to pay you in MP and the cost to pay you
  6. Hello guys Today I begin the dismantling and the restoration of water nmio trailer. the more big job will be 'on ......... barrel but also the frame necssita commitment ...... partiro' from this, thanks to themeasures provided to me by one of our forum member
  7. and 'that the measure seems an inch ............ ok thanksand congratulations for your trailer ...... one day I hope to become so also my
  8. thank you all for the help accurate and detailed picture. I'll have 'later questions .... I think you will forgive me, but I could not find a manual ...... I'll keep 'up to date on the restoration that I am doing on the trailer ..... that with your help we will be able to start now. the trailer and 'what was on sale on miliweb. I need to have other information for the restoration of the chassis. Cordeny, the iron pipe on which measures and frame '? eye would seem to me to be 1 inch.
  9. Hello everyone It was a dream I had to own this trailer .... but from what you see and 'lacking in many parts. here in Italy no one can help me ask you if some possessor of this trailer could help me with measures to rebuild the back of the frame and barrel. thanks in advance for your help .... here are some photos
  10. Hello to all my name is Mark and I write from Italy more precisely from Tuscany in the city 'of Florence. I am happy owner of a 1942 ford gpw a willys 1942 of a harley wla 42
  11. a salute to all from Italy I live in florence
  12. Hello my name is Mark and I write from Italy. ww2 enthusiast vehicles and especially of English material. I will not fail 'to ask and of course give information regarding the WW2 vehicles. thanks again for accepting me in the forum
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