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  1. Hi, Nice looking truck, as you can see from my User Name I am interested in Bedfords. If you are still looking to plit and move the body let me know as I may be able to persuade a friend to help with transport as well. As have only just joined not sure how to communicate privately.
  2. Hi, My name's Alec and I have a problem, namely a slightly unhealthy interest (obsession) with Bedfords, since riding around in my Dad's in the 60s. I currently have 3 TKs, one of which is an ex Army Dustcart (often referred to as a Chip Fryer), an HCB Angus Fire Engine and a Post Office "Pole Erection Unit". I'm down in sunny West Sussex and am still looking for the right MJ. I did have an ex Reserve Stock left hand drive one for 2 days, and a civvie M Series Cherry Picker for a while. I do have am MJ cab, that I can sit in and dream! I have quiet a few spares for TKs and TLs and have some useful contacts for Bedfords. Unfortunately I can be easily persuaded to buy more Bedfords, just don't tell my wife. Looking forward to reading more on the forums and perhaps seeking some advive, possibly even providing some.
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