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  1. 1978 straight from school ,apprentice toolmaker,one of the first jobs i was taught after the brew list was how to repair those drive belts when they snapped,happy days
  2. is it possible that it was EIY on the stone ? that could be ESSEX IMPERIAL YEOMANRY
  3. jeff998

    My Triumph

    whats the suzuki in the back gound ?
  4. i deal with Simon at precision clutch tel 01963 362484 He can rebuild most clutches,might be worth giving him a ring
  5. What a brilliant off road mobility scooter that would make :laugh: you always see them stuck in the mud at car boot sales:D
  6. FFR 500W my old lightweight sold to pay towards my wedding :-(
  7. right then, whereabouts, I`ve got my sons metal detector & my grandson to do the digging :laugh:,
  8. that picture taken in the 90`s. was it taken at stanley park entrance ? looks like the parky`s house at the main gates. Remember seeing it at that military show at Blackpool airport on what is now amy johnson way.
  9. you must have a very understanding FEO lol how did you get that variation and which approved range can you use it on. Lulworth maybe ?
  10. All i can say is thank god i kept my old style licence issued in 1988 good until 2032 lol just have to make sure i dont move or get any points though !!!
  11. welcome andy from another lancastrian :-D
  12. was this the one that was parked down past the control tower at samlesbury on the old runway ? second question where on the soulth side at warton was it parked ? i used to work at warton for hertz car hire and all i remember over there were the old canberra and strikemaster
  13. well jeff is my first name, 998 is from my old ducati . which i miss dearly :cry:
  14. hi robin casting my mind back if you look at the engine from the front of it on the right hand side of the block should be a flat piece about 3 inches long near the sump have a look on it might need to use a bit of emery paper though as far as i am aware it will have a complete engine no the only ones that didnt would be if it had a replacement short motor in which case it would have a rivetted on tag with a part number on if they were supplying just the engine to any one else it will still have a code on it so we could work out its specs
  15. robin just to satisfy my old brain could you post up the engine number not all of it just the beginining i used to be a mercedes parts manager for 15 years on light commercial and passenger cars and it would be interesting to see which one you have ie for example om 603 917 10 which brakes down as a 603 engine 917 variant lhd manual the 917 would change on different versions and fitment ps a lot of your engine parts your local dealer should be able to help with just quote the full number the system will work world wide even if it hasnt been sold in your country pps if you look on
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