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  1. Hello, We have been to the Normandy 2014 anniversary with a group of 5 diamond M20 trucks and rogers trailers. They are all based in Belgium. We would like to join the diamond gathering. Is it possible to cross the channel and drive through Great Brittain with the diamond + rogers, do we need some special licences ? Kind Regards.
  2. Belgian Diamond Friends to Normandy 2014 The vehicles: 5 Diamond M20 1 Mack NM 3 Rogers trailer 1 Freuhauff trailer 2 Jeep MB 2 Dodge WC 57 1 CAT D4 1 INTERNATIONAL SCRAPER We made it to Normandy in 3 days at 200km each day. With an average speed of 25km/h. Looking forward to the 75th anniversary. Greetings from Belgium
  3. Hello, As we already restored a Diamond M20 truck, it became time to make the truck complete. So the link under the text wil give you direct acces to the restoration album of our latest project: a Rogers M9 trailer. http://picasaweb.google.com/118405202572942481936/RestauratieRogersM9?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMyDnMO-tPW1qAE&feat=directlink Kind regards
  4. Hello, The closed cab was sold immediatly after the restauration. Greets
  5. Hello, I would like to share some pictures of the restauration of our DIAMOND T 980 in 2011. She started her life as an closed cab type, after the war the diamond was used by the Italian army. After a long service career she ended up in a outdoor military dump I guess. A couple of years ago some good-hearted person bought the truck and started the restauration. Somehow, this person stopped his actions on the job, and sold it. That's how she arrived here at our place. As you can see on the pictures behind the link below, we managed to restore it but because the original closed cab was in a very bad shape, we decided to replace it with an open cab. https://picasaweb.google.com/118405202572942481936/RestauratieDiamondM20?authkey=Gv1sRgCLaJv4Gpv9OvXw# Kind regards. Family Claes
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