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  1. "Only suffered" thats gotta be the understatement of the year,hopefully the insurance companys will sort his scammell and theres a healthy cheque in the post to rebuild the ol beast
  2. heres hoping someones got a photo or the oficial dvd will show it,wish id gone sunday aswell now!
  3. this run was about 200 ton,ran outve room on memory card to get the last run in but they did it! you can hear the commentry on this vid,the previous runs are also in the albumn https://plus.google.com/photos/100646892131776028079/albums/5894934120205082465?authkey=CKyUqcqc8qvhBg#photos/100646892131776028079/albums/5894934120205082465/5894937138743963266?authkey=CKyUqcqc8qvhBg&pid=5894937138743963266&oid=100646892131776028079
  4. Amazing when you think how old some of the ol beasts are,modern truck have bells an whistles,lights coming on all over the dash lol
  5. Went yesterday,did you see the towing display,over two hundred ton of brit iron being towed at one stage ! https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/100646892131776028079/albums/5894934120205082465?hl=en Ron outve memory card before last pull,gutted
  6. Was at banbury rally @ bloxham today,scammell porn ! https://plus.google.com/app/basic/photos/100646892131776028079/album/5894934120205082465?cbp=4eyv2iwm1irh&sview=20
  7. Might be because groups set to secret (admin error he cant reset) mick grumpy old man spall is the admin of fb page see if you can find him or search for me jace smith ill add you then
  8. There was a rescent post on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Leamingtonandwarwick/ about this very topic!
  9. When seen it was on did think thr "pc" brigade wouldve edited out certain bits,did you watch the documentary afterwards? several pictures being auctioned for charity on ebay at the minute,supplied by aces high gallery
  10. If thats the base i think it it is,havent they just refurbed all the asbestos clad units to nicet new tin,only to demolish them?
  11. imagine the risk assessment and h&s oficer having nightmares if you tried it today!
  12. I drive past that pub regularly and know few lads who "live" there but never heard of that,wouldnt have thought roads got enough "hump" in it,as kids we used to go out to napton resevoir as the hump back bridge there gave serious lift,not a million miles away either
  13. Think real reason ebay hide bidders id is to stop you messaging each other and saying i want "x" amount for it or jumping in saying " ive a simlair one,you can have it for this mutch" costing ebay fees
  14. The daf i was thinking of having a bash at is registered as timber tractor,obviously the fella wants to sell so is keen to promote the red diesel and no mot agriculteral use its registered for,but can anyone with tractor test seriously jump in a hgv just because its registered as tractor,seems to good to be true!
  15. I was lookin at a daf registered as "tree tractor" was after it mainly for lad to drive on a tractor test to from farm,not so sure thatd be legal now lol
  16. They had one outside as test vehicle,whether was awfull so didn't hang around for a go!
  17. I've just the punishment for scum like this,a way to repay there debt to the town and do something usefull for a change,all we do is gather them up bung them on a plane to Afghanistan where they get to clear mines,saves a worthwhile life being wasted!
  18. Gues the Taliban won't think to let 1st vehicle through an then detonate on the 2nd one!
  19. I won't go near a land rover to unreliable on the plus side parts are readily available and everyone makes the goodies to make them do the job land rover intended them to,I run navara d22 double cabs all imports because the uk model self destructs at very low mileage, I think modern cars/trucks are built to a price and hang the consequences well just fob them off . on http://www.nissan-navara.net some of nissans responses to issues would drive you insane,but one fella has quite a few top model landies that have spent more time at the stealers than on the road.
  20. Whereas I see no problem of a organized team of archeologists digging a battlefield to learn more or recover bodies to be identified and buried with family or honor guard present,just for joe public to go routing about disturbing the place I do not think right.
  21. Great news,she became to hot to handle I reckon,which also says to me the thieves are in the circle and were getting updated on how fast word had spread,esp to get a call outve the blue like that!
  22. I don't think that's the case with this truck,someone in the know has had this with view to building up there own truck with minimum effort,kindve defeats the object of owning/rebuilding an old truck but whatever floats there boat I gues
  23. it will be a priority if only for the fact de activated weapons have gone,never ceases to amaze how many cctv cams do not work,im also shocked there is no gate keeper checking credentials on the gates,if i owned a vehicle and was thinking of going to shows i think a trackers in order and if it did go id leave it to run see where it ended up as it could make for an interesting raid by police,can smart water be incorperated into paint?
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