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  1. Who supplies WC parts in the UK?
  2. Thank you.... I settled on 48 inches. and rounded the edges.
  3. Guys Thank you all for the information. I have yet to go have a look at it and determine exactly what it is. It has been for sale for almost a year but at 4,000 euros, I don't think its going anywhere soon. Was going to offer 1K. ?? Would a general cargo version have a winch fitted behind the cab?
  4. It is of military design as it has the gunners hatch on the cab roof and bar grip tyres on the rear axles. Trying to get a picture up ............. I used this truck 22 years ago to tow a bus off a motorway and it has recently come up for sale. Thinking of buying it but unfortunately the recovery equipment has gone missing.
  5. Hi Looking for a '44 MB body
  6. Hi, Anyone have photos, plans or ideas on type of recovery equipment that was used on a 1948 6X6 Thornycroft?
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me make contact with the admin of the G-503 forum.? Cant find a bypass without logging on. ( cant log on )
  8. Thanks There seems to be a huge range of sizes, depending where the truck came from, Norway, France etc.
  9. Hi, I have two different lenghts of upright spars on a CCKW cargo bed. 41 and 58 inches approx. Which is correct?
  10. Hello, Where can I find a front lamp lens and chrome trim for a Leyland Retriver?
  11. Calling all DUKW restorers. I have a number of DUKW / CCKW parts to trade or sell, surplus for what I need. And some of you may have parts I want or someone else may need. We could also do with trading some information, knowledge and encouragement. My DUKW is 353-22241. 1945, ex-Italian fire service. Needs a full restoration.
  12. Hello Rick, Yes, there is a dukw in Berlin. Put an offer on it. Should still be up on Milweb. I put the ad there, but no longer work there. I suggest 15k. If you are interested, I will send you the contacts and you can deal with them directly. John
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