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  1. Is the register up and running? if so could you please steer me in the direction of any owners of a Dodge WWII ambulance's. We are staging a Wings and Wheels event on the old Upottery airfield Smeatharpe East Devon, weather permitting the 93rd Troop Carrier Squadron Dakota that flew the D-Day missions from this airfield will be back with us for the weekend August 21-22. We are offering a rare photo opportunity as we would like to simulate medical evacuations one of the major roles played by the Dakota. Needless to say all WWII vehicles will be very welcome at this event, this time we are r
  2. Out of interest what event are we clashing with Guys? Thanks for your interest
  3. As most of you will have guessed this event has been called off for a number of reasons--- we are now turning our attention to June 6th-7th 2009 we have the airfield booked also there is a very good chance that the Upottery based C-47 will return sometime over that weekend. On the Sunday there will be a Memorial service at the Upottery memorial as there has been each year since the dedication only being the 65th anniversary we would like to make it a little more special, we know a lot of you will wish to go over to Normandy however we would like others to consider coming over to join us for th
  4. Hi Dave and Lawson, to read your thoughts on the Upottery event makes me feel a lot better, also the response I have had from Charles D.Young the son of the CO 439th Troop carrier Group and other veterans. One thing is for sure from an historical angle it was a huge success. Charles Young has sorted the video footage Jacks as well and it is racing around the world including Holland. some time we must talk if you want to get on that field again please email me when you get the chance. // Robin
  5. Thanks Guys great work I have sent the link for that video footage to Charles D. Young and my very good friend veteran pilot Gerald Berry. As you can imagine we had a fantastic flight up to Oxford up through the Severn at around 1200 ft cruising at 170 knots pass Bristol docks and just right of the Severn suspension bridges before turning and heading into Oxford airport for a smooth landing. I truly wish you could have been with me // Robin
  6. Hi Anthony, thanks you have done a great job of killing all my enthusiasms for putting on any more events, I unlike you and the management of Dunkeswell museum grew up at Upottery I saw the field built some of it on my grandmothers poultry farm, I saw the 439th Troop Carrier group arrive and for just a few months they completely dominated the area All my working life I found myself wondering what really took place so when I retired I made it my business to research the inside history, I was horrified to discover that sixty eight men had been killed on that perilous journey across to France ov
  8. Robin


    Hello All, Upottery is still all go, yes we face a number of problems because of the weather but I promise that if the overall situation changes I will post it on this site. We are 850 ft above sea level, so no worries there! we have a fair amount of tarmac so that helps, we just want you Lads and Lasses to come along then we shall have an event, the weather is just so unpredictable. Watch this site no news is good news // Robin South West Airfields Heritage Trust
  9. Seen that gun before, it don't look the same with out Steve's gun crew I thought I could post a picture with them but I do not know how to post it on the site. Best I know it is a post war Bofor's Keep smiling, robin273@btinternet.com if you want to see Steve's gun crew
  10. Great to see your interest, any one got a Tilly? Austin or Hillman I have yet to see one turn up at one of our events. What happened to all the old Ford V8's we had them in Germany 1956, engine sounds were great but it seemed to be a gutless wonder compared to the old screaming Bedford Q L. I am still grieving they just gave me a pair of boots. no truck not even a tank, mind you we did spend some time with the 9th Lancers riding on the back of Centurions, come to think of it, that was the worst lifts I ever had!
  11. I am pleased to tell all concerned that around 11am this morning a small Piper Cub drifted into Upottery at the controls was the pilot of our Dakota C/47. The news is good IT WILL BE LANDING AT UPOTTERY weather permitting, This will be the first return of a C/47 since the end of the second World War and the first one belonging to the 439th Troop Carrier Group to touch down on the Upottery runway since Oct 1944. The only sad thing to report is that Cecil Petty the C.O of the 92nd Squadron who flew it on the D-day run and most of the other combat missions passed away in February, but not before
  12. Sure enjoyed these pictures, why was I just recruited to the Dorset Regiment ? All I did was march at Weymouth.
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