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  1. My brother Johns got one he doesn't use. Private message me. Nige.
  2. Apologies to everyone that had an interest in this. I've decided to withdraw it from sale.
  3. Hi Phil. Did you manage to get a Lunette? Only just seen the posting. Nige.
  4. Hi all. Anyone any idea what a set of original F marked Jeep seats are worth. I have a set (2 fronts, one rear) that I could do with selling. It's a shame for them to just sit in my garage if someone can use them. I sold my Ford Jeep a few years ago after putting repro seats in it. The two fronts are in useable condition, just need a bit of tlc. The rear has some rot in it so needs repair. I also have a Ford pintle hook but again I have no idea of value. Hope someone out there has some idea because I don't. Nige.
  5. I'm looking for an ATS uniform for my other half. She borrowed one to wear when we went to Arnhem last week and looked a million dollars.
  6. Not sure it's a rangefinder, You can't see forward through it, only sideways.
  7. Can anyone ID this? It's two foot long exactly. If you look in the centre circular glass you can see left or right. Not left and right. The two knobe are for focusing, Left knob, left focus. Right knob, right focus. It has the British arrow mark, and stamped on it is. TEL. DRILL. No 3. MK1. 1943. No 809. It's made entirely of Brass. I aquired it but aint got a clue what it is. Intrigued or what? Nige.
  8. I know this is probably not the place, but I'm trying to find out how much a Supercharger for a Merlin engine is worth. I just happen to have, as far as I can tell, a complete one. seriously big lump, dunno what it's worth or where/how to sell/advertise it. I just know it's a shame to leave it to rot in my shed. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. I think John's decided to sell the Crosley. Bout time. It'd be such a shame for it to rot away.
  10. I think I've sorted it now. Bought a drivers handbook. It had a diagram in it.
  11. Shame no-one could or perhaps would help. I've just had to weld it up to what I guess should be there.
  12. Has anyone got pictures of an OXC dash? Or if you have an OXC could you take me some pictures ot it? Mines got holes and switches all over the show. I'm about to paint it but I need to get rid of the unwanted holes. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks. Nige.
  13. Has anyone got pictures of an OXC dash? Or if you have an OXC could you take me some pictures ot it? Mines got holes and switches all over the show. I'm about to paint it but I need to get rid of the unwanted holes. Thanks. Nige.
  14. Did this Gypsy ever go on the road?
  15. My brothers got one of these Crossleys with a knackered cab, taking up undercover storage. He''ll never restore it, dunno why he keeps it. Got a lovely office/command body/box on. Shame it's gonna die.
  16. The obvious answer is, not to limit yourself as to what vehicle you can drive but get a full size licence. That was you get rid of the constant nagging thought following you about. Am I legal? Go to a class 2 licence, ok it costs, but so do our new toys in this hobby of ours. I just bought a Bedford OXC with a Scammell trailer. Can this be driven on a car licence? I don't know but I don't care cos I got a hgv. All problems solved.
  17. Still trying to get pictures of it on here, failing dismally.
  18. I now own this. Runs sweet as a nut. new set of bar grips on it. Be on the show circuit this coming summer. The only rot is in the door bottoms and the bottom 4 inches of the "A" pillars. Cleaning the many layers of paint off I found the original unit markings on the doors. The Lucknow Battery. Royal artillery. Pictures in my profile.
  19. Anyone any ideas bout the best place to get a manual for my latest toy? 41 Bedford OXC with Scammell trailer. I need arches for the trailer too. Any ideas? I'm in Stoke-on-Trent.
  20. Just got me a bedford OXC with Scammell trailer. In a field under a canvas near Stoke-on-Trent. Wooopeeedooo.
  21. Good to hear. I bought one last Saturday. Needs a rewire and two tyres and rear wheel arches and the trailer needs new timber on the deck, a rewire and two wheel arches. Even the paints good. Drives like a dream. Been sitting under a canvas in a field for a few years but it's beautiful. Even the brakes are good. Took 15 minutes to get it going, sweet as a nut. Can't wait to get my Jeep on the trailer and off to the shows next year. Gotta get me a manual for it but hey ho. I'll drop on. Looking forward to the continuation of your rebuild.
  22. How come this story suddenly stopped? I've just bought an OXC with Scammell trailer. This was a very good diary. Where's it gone?
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