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  1. Hi Terry, do you still have the 432 for sale?

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    2. terryb


      Hi Matthew,

      you will see from other ads, 432 advertisers ask £25-£30k as they are in high demand  as donor vehicles for stug conversions. There are no more tracked vehicles being released from the mod for the foreseable future, and witham specialist  vehicles have lost the contract with the mod. If you find one at the right price, buy it as it's better than money in the bank (432's were sold off by witham in 2015 for between £1500-£3400!) Also a  nice 432 will earn you up to £6000 a day doing tank rides!

      come and have a look-I have cheaper things...........

    3. mac_xpert


      Thanks Terry. Whereabouts are you? Are you a commercial dealer? When you say you have cheaper things, do you mean other tracked armour? Thanks for your help so far, it’s much appreciated. Matthew

    4. terryb


      margate kent, and no,I'm retired! other interesting armour!

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