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  1. Are there anywhere still parts for sale? I am still looking for flex. exhaust part and a set of points. Kind Regards Spitty
  2. we made several years ago liners from GGG70 for a continental four cylinder engine which was bored out so often that it had developped a big hole to the water jacket. GGG70 is that kind of cast iron with a strength of 70 kgs/mm2. It can be obtained with "ball" type and "lamellae"-type of carbon inclusions and for a combustion engine it gave in full eight hour shifts some 14 years of troublefree use. The bores were cut out and the CCC barrel was pressed in with an edge at the top pressed down by the cylinderhead and its gasket. Then the bore was remachined to its original dimensions, and a n
  3. Dear General We got the GMC with Norlines from Alta (No) to the Eemshaven here in Holland. They are represented by: Sealane Coldstorage located in Eemshaven (info@sealane.nl). This shippingline has also the connection: Oslo etc. England (don't know which port) Rotterdam. We used a separate customsagent to do the clearance as Norway is not European Cummunity. Then you only need a (Pro Forma) Invoice from the seller (even a handwritten paper will do) and go to this customs agent saying to import at your cost this vehicle "as a part of a collction" as an old vehicle is then much cheaper to
  4. Well, call us Nuts . All the more ore even less usable bolts, nuts, washers and small parts were brushed on a wire brush machine and then new electroplated. All the nuts and bolts that were rotten or too far rusted were replaced at very low cost in the form of replacements from the local John Deere dealer (Also green but another shade ) as UNC/UNF is not so easy obtained here in Holland as we are totally metrified. Her is a picture of the electroplated bolts, nuts and washers when they came in . Greetzz, spitty
  5. Hello there, After al long weekend working on the truck again we have done a lot of work to the engine. We have drained all the fluids and taken the sump from under the engine. The small rest of oil that was left in the sump didn’t look bad, the only bad thing was that there was a little bit of water under the oil. We didn’t find any muck in the sump and decided that some cleaning would be enough. So we cleaned the sump spayed some paint on the outside and put the sump back with new gaskets. After that had been done we took the valve cover off and tried to crank the engine by hand. That d
  6. well hello there again, the past few weeks we have been messing around with the cab, but we have also made progress on a few other parts. for instans the hydrovac, the unit that was under the truck had some huge problems. probably becouse it had been crushed, at least that is what it looked like. it seemed that the truck wile off roading on norway had scratched its belly. And that had as result a bent driveshaft to the first rear axel, and a crushed hydrovac. so we had to find an other one, this was not so easy becouse it is a "type 3" hydrovac and most hydrovacs we found where "type
  7. Hello guys, it has been mutch to long I know :embarrassed:. We have been morking as maniacs on the truck. we have cut all the rust fom the side panals and put new metal in, that whas a lot of work, but it pays of to do it right the first time . And it is very pleasing to see the end result. Here are some pictures that of that. Here are only pictures of one side but we have done this to both sides. I will add more later today. then I will also tell some more and a lot more pictures!! . greetzz from the Natherlands, Spitty
  8. Hello, It is a shame that there are still a lot of vehicles that are just rotting away :undecided:. While looking around on the web I came across the website of travellerdave, maybe some of you know the site. http://www.travellerdave.co.uk/?s=31 On his site I found some pictures of a scrap yard in France (La Sône) with a lot of military vehicles. Maybe you already know about this, but I just had to make sure. I have been looking through this thread but haven't been able to find anything that looks like it. Greetzz,
  9. I think that they did it becouse of the vehicles that allready had been in service but to damaged to put back in service. So they took the rear body's they had left. I can imagine that it saved a lot of steel. I don't know it's just a guess. We also discussed it, to leave it as a bare chassis, but we will have decided not to do that becouse than we are not able to go camping with it or transport any thing with it. Greetzz
  10. Hello, Last weekend we started to pull the cab and nose a part. What a load of nuts and bolts! :shocked:. It doesn't look that bad, the cab side panels are in a bad shape and there are some places on the floor that are rotten. The bulkhead has some holes we think that this will consume the most time :-|, because it is curved in two directions. We where able to remove the whole cab and nose, the only part that is still on the chassis is the bulkhead with the dashboard :-D. We have decided that we will leave the drive train in and do it next year, so we are going to do the cab a
  11. Hello guys, Small break and then we will continue with the restoration :-). Some history of the "Jimmy". We Found the chassis nr. and this nr. indicates that: 1) This truck was built in feb. 1945 according to the list of chassisnumbers published by the HMVF side "GMC Jimmy Production Data" by Mark of 29-12-2007 2) This truck was built as a 353-1 so it was delivered as a bare chassis without cargo body or whatsoever. In the cab we found a brass sign that this truck was rebuilt by the Rootes Group in London (Mayby it is of Hillman quality) The original identificati
  12. Hello guys,A small update.After we transported the truck from the harbor to a friends workshop we started to take it apart.Well not compleetly but we took te cargo body off the chassis. we will take the cab off but that will happen later.After that we used a pressure washer to clean the compleete truck, so we would see what we where dealing with.This way we tried to get rid of some of the blue paint. it revealed a few stars and numbers, we think that they are norwegian numbers but we are not sure.After that we towed the truck to our workshop, so that was my first time steering a GMC CCKW .Here
  13. Hello guys, thanks for the support! I have started a thread where you can follow the progress of the restoration :-D. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?29615-Rescue!&highlight=spitty Greetzz Spitty
  14. Hello guys, Thanks for the support! I was very lucky to find one that is this complete :-D, the things that are missing are the driveshafts to the rear axels and to the winch. maybe there is more missing, I don't know jet. I don't know anything of the historie of the vehicle, but I haven't started looking. I will keep you posted here are some new pictures :cool2:. In the pictures you can see how the truck was standing in Alta. and how I made it ready for shipping Not schipping . It is even possible to see the Truck on Google maps see last picture. Gre
  15. Hello, After a few years searching we found a GMC! It was located in Alta Norway :undecided:, so we decided to schip, the truck to the Netherlands. Here are some pictures of the arrival in the Eemshaven, The Netherlands. We will keep you posted on our restoration progress. Greetings, Spitty
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