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    I have a full FAC and enjoy shooting my 22lr Spikes tactical AR15 M4 and my .303 Rifles, a 1943 Mal
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  1. Hi mate, I have just added one to my site if you are still looking, go to www.classic-firearms.co.uk Many thanks, john.
  2. Hi all, One other aspect to stripping an L1, removing the butt..... its enough to make a grown man cry!! I have worked on a number of these splendid Rifles over the years and without question this is the hardest part: First remove butt plate screws (Wood) or circular cover (plastic) "It is easier in my opinion to separate the upper from the lower to do this task" then, holding the lower firmly end down on the floor and keeping pressure on the large screw/bolt very carefully unscrew and remove the two inter linked springs, you need to be very careful not to give yourself a black e
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