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  1. That sounds good.. As long as I can get her running its all that matters at the min.. I won't be running any ECM so the other battery's won't be needed.. Yet Thanks for you help on this, once I get it hopefully it won't take much to get it up and running
  2. Thanks.. yea it's got the mounts on the wings.. When I get the wagon delivered I'm sure I'll be able to confirm if it's 12 or 24v I only hope it's not a big job to fit the alternators. I'm not very technically minded but I'm sure I'll learn fast
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking at a V8 snatch to buy but it is missing an alternator and battery's.. First question is what alternator and battery's does it use? Second.. How hard is the alternator to fit? Many thanks all David
  4. thanks for the welcome everyone.. haha you wouldnt want any of our landrovers
  5. Hello all... Names David, Just new to the forum and wanted to say hello. At the moment I don't down any military vehicles, im currently serving in the military so i get my fair share at work. I might be biting off more than i can chew but im looking to get a snatch landrover as my first vehicle. I dove them in both northern ireland and iraq, and have a soft spot for them. well i hope to chat more David (ranger7703)
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