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    Had a champ for 12 years, lots of fun. ran an RL for a few years sold that when I bought a QL.
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  1. Thanks, I think I will leave it as a woodie. It looks great and more useful for normal transport. I will leave the PTO and dynamo in place and if somebody wants to restore it in the future it's always an option. The more I take it apart the more I think it was on the cusp of being scrapped, there's a lot of work, a lot of parts required, I'll get there but don't hold your breath it could take a while.
  2. Good to see there are still survivors out there.
  3. Thanks everybody, certainly gives me places to try. I do have a scrap engine with a flywheel and ring gear, beyond rescue though, it has 146 teeth, 3/8" thick and 13 3/16" i/d. Really looking forward to getting started .
  4. Thanks for that information Richard, hopefully it won't be too much longer when I can get on it full time. I know there is at least one tooth missing from the ring gear at the starter position, probably where somebody had a big lever trying to turn the engine over.
  5. Removed the cylinder head a couple of days ago, bores were rusty but not too bad, 2 pistons had holes in the side where a ring had broken and eaten its way out. Did a bit of number recovery from the heavily rusted and pitted chassis plate as per u-tube. Managed to just see the first 4 numbers of a 7 number code, it confirms it's a super snipe dated 1940, and matches a plate from the body which also gives me the contract number which was issued in 1940. Need to get my land rover finished then I can get stuck in. Anybody got a six cylinder side valve 4.1 litre Humber Pullman engine?
  6. So does mine, keeps me out from under her feet! at least that what she says. Will definately be out to shows in it, but it could take a while.
  7. Thanks for that, I have seen pictures in windscreen from Norfolk and its a lead I intend following, covid 19 allowing! Even though its got the PTO I think I will keep it as a woody.
  8. I spent weeks trying to talk myself out of this, failed! Its now in my shed, be a month or so before I can start. It looks like Runflat and Rootes75 are correct in it being an 8cwt converted post war, it has the PTO on the gearbox. The engine is seized and the radiator is missing with the frame to mount the radiator. The rear of the garage leaked, its the only vehicle I have bought with extensive wet rot, so probably the rear bisector wheel cylinders will be shot. I would like to meet somebody that has one to take pictures and measurements to fabricate the missing metal work. I will be taking plenty of pictures, maybe an article in windscreen then get it out to the shows. The front is only propped on to take pictures
  9. Excellent information, thank you. The next thing is to loosely construct the front panels to see what they look like, clear a bit more space around it and take some more pictures, it will probably be next weekend, i'll try and put them on next week.
  10. Thanks for your replies, it has the roo bar high front bar like the heavy utility but its 4x2, the A pillar is more vertical the rear wheel arches and the wiper motor is at the top of the screen, although the wheels look the same this has sand tyres and it looks slightly longer. I think your idea it has been re bodied sounds good Nick Johns it gives us a starting point. We will get the front wings etc out from inside it and it might shed more light on it. It does look good though!
  11. Uncovered this from a friends garage, any ideas anybody. Supposedly a humber box.
  12. Thank you for that gem, however a well known and popular way of improving performance and/or efficiency is to change the carburettor or ignition system. My guess is the carburettor has a slightly larger choke ( the hole where the petrol goes down) from 35 to 40. The distributor has the correct cam drive gear and looks physically the same, so it could be a better version being as it is used on jags and lagonda's, the only difference could be the vacuum advance and retard but it does the same job, or the dwell angle (the cam lobe profile). Anyway I will sort it out, it will run properly, I will not be beaten.
  13. My QL fire tender is finally ready for the road, I am having trouble getting the engine to behave. It is fitted with a 40RZFAIPO instead of the 35RZFAIPO and the distributor is a Lucas DVXH6A not the Lucas DVZ6A. The DVXH6A is listed for jaguar, humber, lagonda, rover and a few others but not a Bedford. The bob weights look very different to the DVZ6A according to the book of words. Anybody any ideas?
  14. Here's one in national service Germany
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