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    Had a champ for 12 years, lots of fun. ran an RL for a few years sold that when I bought a QL.
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  1. Excellent information, thank you. The next thing is to loosely construct the front panels to see what they look like, clear a bit more space around it and take some more pictures, it will probably be next weekend, i'll try and put them on next week.
  2. Thanks for your replies, it has the roo bar high front bar like the heavy utility but its 4x2, the A pillar is more vertical the rear wheel arches and the wiper motor is at the top of the screen, although the wheels look the same this has sand tyres and it looks slightly longer. I think your idea it has been re bodied sounds good Nick Johns it gives us a starting point. We will get the front wings etc out from inside it and it might shed more light on it. It does look good though!
  3. Uncovered this from a friends garage, any ideas anybody. Supposedly a humber box.
  4. Does anybody have pictures showing military reg nos of the army fire service QL's in the range L5863231 -L5863520, so that I can search the military side of it's history.
  5. Bit more info, got to fit it in while building a house, it's contract S7178 catalogue number 221. So if it's 221 of that contract that would make it L5863451. same contract as your pictures. Stuart
  6. Thanks for that runflat, it shows the kit and it's always of hitorical interest.
  7. You have some excellent information there Ted. I've cleaned a data plate today and found the chassis and engine number, Chassis QLC/119 44496 Engine QL 52052. They were a bit rusty, hopefully I've read them correctly. Do any of your lists link those numbers to the registration number? I will certainly contact all you have mentioned to try and build up some history. Stuart
  8. Bedford trucker posted this query on my behalf before I became a member. The QL Army Fire Service is GYR 762 reputably to have been with Ripon fire service, probably late 70's. Some of the parts with it were wrapped in exchange and mart Feb 82. I could do with some documentation to try and retain the reg. It's in surprisingly good condition, and is a runner with about 7500 on the clock, how accurate that is, who knows. It's now tucked up in my shed, it probably wo'nt be started till next year, any info would be great, thanks to all who have replied so far, extremely useful.
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