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  1. Thanks for the replies useful stuff it all helps, I had a couple of hours on it tonight and checked in the side gear cases and all looks good from the filler plug view, the brake linkages are solid around the back axle area but managed to get the bolts out of the arm that goes into the back plate and then tapped the arms further towards the off position, I did have the brakes adjusted up well when I was driving it on the road but it was a long time ago, my brother thinks it has not moved for 30 years, I cannot remember to be honest. Next chance I get I will see if it will roll a bit and then
  2. After many years I have dragged the 1943 Pioneer out of its hiding place in the hedge, the back wheels are locked solid, its in neutral, the transmission brake is loose on its drum, the footbrake levers are in the off position my guess is the weather has got in the drums and seized the shoes to the drums, any thoughts on how to free them off and get it rolling? If the engine is still ok I have someone interested in taking this major project on otherwise a couple more years of weather will finish it off. Its been so long I cannot remember when I reversed it into a clear spot and then nature too
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