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  1. Aye - but that would be me and the wife, plus whatever aggro is involved in tachos, insurance, etc - de-rating is definitely easier all around, if I can find a suitable vehicle that is... :undecided:
  2. I'm in a similar position and just found this thread. So the big question: what did you do in the end, Robin???
  3. Thanks. Think the RB44 looks like its too small on reflection and feedback. Love the idea of the Green Goddess, but for my purposes its probably a little long in the tooth, maybe (waits for cries to the contrary!!!). Think I may look a little closer at the DAF route, as there are a few for sale and seems to tick most boxes if I can sort out the de-rating side of things. John W - if I drop you a PM would you mind giving more details on your truck? Thanks all - appreciate the help and advice.
  4. I've travelled all over Europe and even over to Iceland in a variety of vehicles. Apart from having the vehicles in top notch, and checking out the specific requirements of each country as mentioned above, main thing I have found is to ensure you have your insurance and all relevant paperwork up to date and current for the duration of your trip, and ensure you have plenty of wriggle room (you don't want to discover you have a problem, need to leave the vehicle somewhere and find your insurance won't cover you beyond x days in Europe). Its worth bringing a list of possible spares suppliers
  5. Cheers Norman, helpful. I take your point re the DAFs, though I have seen at least a couple through overland sites that had been re-rated to 7500kg, so guess I need to look at that again. Similarly some of the ZIL131s I've seen for sale have been advertised as being capable as being driven on a car license, so clearly something doesn't quite add up there. Re the MJs, I believe I've seen some with a 3 seater configuration in the cab, or am I mistaken? Tricky... Anyone else got any thoughts on this?
  6. Hi all Quick question (and apologies if its been covered before, but I couldn't find this specifically)... I'm currently running a 712M Pinzgauer (6x6, rag top) - its a great vehicle, and worked well as a weekend camper/military show vehicle/occasional offroader, but its a bit small for us now we have a little'un. So I'm thinking of buying another MV with a view to keeping the exterior as it was in the services, but with a camper conversion internally. Basic criteria: 1. Must be capable of taking 3, preferably 4 in the cab with proper seat belts. 2. Must be under 7.5 ton GWV as
  7. Big Ray - can't argue with you - but there's not much you can do about other people's behaviour - there is something you can do about bettering your chances of being spotted though, which is the key point here, especially when potentially high speed differentials are involved.
  8. psychoman


    Always surprised how underused the War & Peace classified section is. Be interesting if/when MVT gets their act together and embraces the interweb...
  9. Given the money some people are asking for "original" Jeeps (even ones from the 50s or later - look at Milweb at the moment) this doesn't seem completely unrealistic - at the end of the day is a essentially a brand new vehicle and pretty much the same price as a brand new Defender 90... and I guess these will hold their value a darn sight better than a modern Landy too. Would I buy one? Probably not, but maybe a few years from now when they're a couple of years old and lost a few quid in depreciation I'd be tempted...
  10. Just had the opposite problem here on the IOM - they kept the rolling 25 year rule... until this year when they froze the date at 1986, I think. In some ways I understand it - lets be honest a rusted out 1985 Fiesta or Metro is not a classic... but still frustrating when you have vehicles close to the magic 25 years... Luckily the Pinz is 1981, so qualifies for classic tax here
  11. Seconded. Quick question, and if I missed it in 17 pages, my apologies - but what is the running total standing at so far...?
  12. Had a soft spot for these since I built a model of one as a kid. Lovely big of kit and definitely on my wish list longer term. Lucky man
  13. To be fair, he may not have known what the problem was, what I meant was, to a lot of people swapping out a battery is the starting point when they have an issue, and if it runs subsequently they kinda stop looking (until the problem re-emerges!). Hopefully with the advice from the guys here you'll get sorted easily and quickly. Reminds me... god knows what we all did a few years ago before these forums existed. Recently changed a fuel gauge in the Pinz - the new gauge had completely different behind dash wiring, and was not obvious - without the resource available through the net I'd hav
  14. Obviously upsetting, but with a following tailwind it looks like a couple of hundred quid and a lot of elbow grease to get this vehicle mobile again. Doesn't feel like quite the basket case it may have looked... :undecided:
  15. Comments as above re the battery being near as damn it flat and then having enough kick to turn it over - I've had the same thing on a few older vehicles, the only conclusion I can come to is that the battery "recovers" slightly when left and that's enough to kick the engine over if you're lucky. Not very scientific, but its common enough... New battery was probably enough to run the vehicle without any significant load on the system until now, sounds like the charging system was an issue prior to sale and the previous owner just whacked in a new battery rather than sort the problem :undec
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