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    Military modelling, Mainly 1/76 and some 1/72 due to space restrictions. WW2 artillery re-enactment.
  1. I can see a lot of differing bridge classification numbers on the various pictures ranging from 10, 13, 18 through to 20. Can anyone tell me the correct classification number please.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've seen photos of M7s fully kitted out in their wading gear and the cradle/support below the gun is not part of it as far as I can tell. The cradle is vwery heavy duty compared with the wading gear and the welding is rather crude compared with anything else. It looks more like a gun travelling cradle although the M7 was equipped with a travelling lock in the fighting compartment just behind the breech.
  3. On P.49 of Terence Wise's book "D-Day to Berlin" there is a photo of 2 Priests of 33rd Field Artillery regt. in Normandy. Both vehicles have a large and crudely welded cradle of some sort below the 105 mm howitzer. I've not seen any other pictures of this in any other reference work. Can anyone tell me whether this was a local field modification? It has been suggested that it was part of the deep wading equipment but to me it looks too heavy and crude. I'm not sure whether this will come under the artillery or tracked vehicles forum so if it's in the wrong one can you re-direct it please.
  4. Hi I'm Doug from (sometimes) sunny Romford. Although I'm not a military vehicle owner maybe one day that will happen. I'm involved with The Garrison, a WW2 Royal Artillery living history group based at Tilbury Fort and also Larkhill. I'm also interested in military models especially those related to the RA. If anyone wants to chat see me at the War and Peace Show where, hopefully, we will have something bigger and louder than our normal 25pdrs!
  5. Does anyone have any idea as to whether there are any surviving examples of the following vehicles? 1/ Karrier KT4 Field Artillery Tractor used mainly by Indian divisions but believed some used by British units in N.Africa 2/ Bren or scout carriers (as opposed to the universal carrier range) As a point of interest can anyone tell me the last time any of these early models was in operational use and were remaining stocks converted to Universal carriers? Locations of any photos of these, especially the KT4 would be appreciated
  6. Can anyone help with 2 vehicles. Geisbers do 2 1/76 scale softskins. The first is a Morris Commercial C9 GS bodied 30 cwt 4x4 whichappears to be based on the SP Bofors. The other is a CMP 6x6 artillery tractor. I've never seen a mention of either of these in Bart Vanderveens or any other books. Can anyone tell me if these were production vehicles or just prototypes?
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