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  1. I'll try and get in contact with Nick next week. I've had a search and I can't find any recent 432 limo related threads, you don't have a link do you?
  2. Have spent half the day on the phone being transfered from one person to another. Apparently I'm looking for something too specialized for the specialist insurance companies to handle. It's becoming less likely that I will go ahead with running a limo service, but I've contacted some Limo insurance brokers anyway and I'm waiting to hear back from them.
  3. Does anyone know an insurance company who will do a commercial insurance policy on an FV432? I'm looking at buying an FV432 but so far I've run into a brick wall when it comes to insurance. The first problem is that I have only lived in the UK for 6 months. I've had an Australian drivers licence for over 10 years and I can exchange that for a UK licence, but that doesn't seem to be good enough. I will also be getting a H class licence but none of the insurance companies so far seem to care if I have the right licence they only want me to have had a UK licence for at least 2 years. I actually want to purchase, register and insure the FV432 via my LTD company and would usually have people other than myself driving it. This should in theory solve the first problem, but unfortunately raises a new problem of finding an insurance company that will provide a commercial insurance policy on an FV432. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've been looking at the blinged up 432 (trying to organise to see it in person next week) but the asking price of 10k seems a bit high. For that price I could buy 2 non-bling 432s and still have 2k left over to fix them up. I'm not even going to comment on the blinged up Ferret
  5. "Historic vehicles - built before 1 January 1973 ... are also exempt from the LEZ." The idea of running a limo service is a secondary thought. I want an FV432 (actually I want a Soviet IS-3 Tank but I can't see myself having one of them any time soon), and it would be nice to have an excuse to drive it around London. I have a feeling that the limo service may complicate things too much to be be practical.
  6. A lot of 432s are ending up in the scrap metal yard recently, so a retirement spent actually driving (regardless of the passengers) and out in public where it can be admired is maybe not such a bad thing. LEZ & congestion zone I have sorted. Insurance is something I haven't got a price on yet but I think the main difficulty is going to be with parking it.
  7. Hi All, I'm Flame (yes, that's my real name) and I'm originally from Australia, now living in central London (Islington). I'm looking to buy myself an FV432 and am currently investigating the possibility of using it to run a limousine service. I'd be interested in getting to know any MV owners in London, particularly any with tracked vehicles.
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