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  1. Further to my last post, Colin appears to be on this forum aswell so he will probably read your post and offer you some advice. My bad!
  2. The snatch has a glover webb up rated chassis not a wolf one, it has sailsbury front and rear axles with a bespoke front prop shaft for the axle. Both axles have anti roll bars. I think you will find the lower dash is part of the aircon system like on a civvie land rover with air con but I could be wrong. Can I suggest you take a look at the EMLRA.org forum. There is a guy on there, call sign "Mattblack", his name is Colinand he has restored one and has a number more in his possesecion. He is a fountain of knowledge on this type from rebuilding his also he has a few contacts on where to get bits from. Hope that helps and good luck.
  3. I have recently got one of the s.o.f A2 replica jackets, my question is does any one have any tips on breaking it in fast as currently the leather is stiff and unconfortable, the elasticated waist and cuffs are tight. Any tips greatly achieved in ageing my jacket.
  4. hi Mark, here are some pictures of my Pathfinder LRPV, the base vehicle is a piggy back 90 ffr fitted with power steering, however most of the ffr stuff was removed, mine is totally original and can be seen whilst still in service in Bob Morrison's article on these vehicles. However the stuff for it costs a fortune, and thats if you can find any of it, for example the box that fits on the tailgate cost me in excess of £70 but its all original!!!! hope the photo's are of some use to you.
  5. "They're built in Devonport. They test drive the Jackals and Cougars (that's a Cougar) along the streets of Plymouth" No its not its a coyote.
  6. But the photo's selected to be released will be vetted so they don't show certain images such as the turret hatch open displaying armour thickness!
  7. Hi I'm the driver of the sparton, I'm with ATDU. I don't feel you should be talking about this security sensetive equipment and especially the armour suites on an open forum let alone displaying photo's that were taken at a non public event. Careless talk really does cost the lives of service personel!
  8. No bazz, the capola on a spartan is the commanders position and the hatch on the right of it is operaters position!
  9. Try the signals museum in blandford, won't take too long but worth a visit if you've not been before.
  10. Pinkies, used "normal" FV pattern light/ignition switch. Your quite right andrew the 2a pinkies do use the normal fv light/ignition switch how ever the pinkie in question here is the more modern 110 pinkie and the older switch with key was no longer used the thinking being that fv's shouldn't use keys that can be lost or broken.
  11. Thats £19000 plus VAT so more like £23000 and it has absolutly no kit on it :-o
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