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  1. Hi this is a long shot but have you still got atop canvas thanks jackie
  2. Maybe its time for a change, as a creature of habbit i have been going for 12 years and taking a couple of trucks and Bikes. The space gets tighter every year unless you can go and rope of the field 2 weeks before. and i do get a little fed up with looking at vans and campers. saying that i love the show and so do the rest of the family so who knows.
  3. Thanks guys we have now replaced with British spec sealed units, fingers crossed. Going to War time in Vale Evesham and Beltring so may bump in to you. Jackie
  4. Thanks so much everyone, such a pain sailed through on everything else. Strange it passed last year and we have done nothing to them, hey hoe.:undecided:
  5. Thanks, we will have a look, the lights seem the same as on our landrover lightwieght, its all good fun, Thanks again.
  6. Hi I hope someone can help with some advise please. Took the Rb for an MOT today, it Failed, on the lights they dip in the wrong direction, they should dip to kerb, but dip to the middle of road. Does anybody know how to re set them, or do i have to buy new ones? Thanks and love this website its great. Jackie
  7. I have an RB44 and love it, i have had a 101 and a 2a ambulance and also a step through Commer ambulance. This is my favourate so far. I also have a light wei:cool2:ght and never thought i would prefer this to a Landrover but it great i would recommend them to anybody.
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