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  1. The starters are certainly not their strong point,the old cav ones were c***:shocked:.If it is the starter the only real cure is to take out the pack and sort it out.:cool2::cool2: Any probs give me a call,you,ve got my number DaveP
  2. Many thanks,the little:evil::cool2::rofl:,s are back Dave
  3. Where have my 'smilies' gone.I,m sure there,s a way of getting them back but how.They disappeared a few weeks back when there were a few problems with the site and won,t come back!!! DaveP
  4. Dave,put me down for the L/Rover 110 and sankey trailer. Depending on how things are at the time ,may bring the 432 to park in Roys beer garden Dave P
  5. Dave,put me down for 1 (poss 2),Her indoors may venture out to observe what goes on Dave P
  6. Tony,are you putting your name forward for map reading? I,m hoping to stem the flow of water into the l/rover before the event but can,t promise!! Hope to see you there Dave P
  7. From a gunner/commanders point of view they must have been excellent for training,acres of room compared to a CVRT. Tony,I can feel the shift of blame for the navigational errors being moved to my 'Norman Collier' communications system! :redfaced:I'll try and iron out all the gremlins :evil: before the Plain Invasion Dave P :-D
  8. Tony ,can,t bring the 434 & 432/30mm rarden :dunno:,which would you rather practice your map reading in. :rofl: They both need a bit of work,pack changes and service :rtfm: etc.It,ll be more functional than restored :whistle:but there again the Army manages like that a lot :what: Cheers Dave P
  9. That was one of the down sides,it added 1917kg(4220lb)to the top of the vehicle without the ammo etc :shake:.There was also an expectation that it could carry some troops :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Apart from that I still think it looks the part though :-D When I move it next :whistle: I,ll take some pics of the interior to show the set up.
  10. Sorry seem to have sent the same pic twice :redfaced:try again :computerterror:
  11. Chris is right about there being quite a few turreted 432,s. Other than the development they were supplied as kits for the units to fit themselves.The procedure is covered in EMER,Tacked Vehicles E105/2,Installation No.8. These soon proved to be very unpopular and unsuitable for the role intended and were soon removed from the vehicles and returned to wherever. A number survived in the Berlin Brigade and I believe there were some at Warminster. What remained of the vehicles/kits went through Withams a while back but I didn,t see any complete vehicle instalations. Although using the Fox tu
  12. Tony I'll be there with 1 low loader but I'll be sleeping in the cab :sleep:,no ruffy tuffy old army tents for me, you don't know who or what may be lurking about in the night :shake:.As for the battle dress I should just about manage my khaki boiler suit which seems to get smaller as I get older :whistle: I hope Roy is bracing himself for the invasion :beer: Cheers Dave P @ Merry Xmas everyone ;-) ;-) ;-)
  13. Just looking around the 434 for next year,need to have the pack out to change starter :banghead:,sounds like we,re going to be busy extracting 'drivers' from foxes :rofl:do we need any special equipment? :beer: We seem to have a fair amount of the plain on board from the last outing,do you think they want it back :naughty: Looking forward to it immensley,are you up on your map reading Tony? :dunno: Dave P
  14. Hi Tony, As we all take our vehicles to shows we should have public liability insurance etc.and as long as we all bring our full licence and vehicle docs would that ease the problem.Must admit I,ve never been stopped and asked for docs with the 434 though :-D Cheers Dave :dancinggirls:
  15. Thanks for that,all the info and more that I need. This site is a world of info. :thankyou: Cheers Dave P
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