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  1. Sorry to hear about your Jeep. I'm admin for a small group on facebook that have an interest in Willingale/Chipping Ongar Airfield, I have posted your Jeep details to this group in the hope that it helps. https://www.facebook.com/groups/481955158501192/
  2. Hi ya. I was brought up in Essex, and have heard a few stories from veterans about what is in the area. One story, that appears to be true, is of the Bren Gun Carriers loaded with ammo that were buried in the grounds of Hylands House in Chelmsford. The story goes that the SAS had 'acquired' more ammunition than they were issued with, so when they left Hylands, they buried three Bren Gun Carriers stacked with the 'acquired' ammo somewhere in the grounds of the stately home. I was told where they might be buried, and after a bit of asking about it seems that Essex County Council know the
  3. Just found this on the web, proof that tanks were at Galleywood common:- "FIVE British Army tanks staged a morale-boosting demonstration on Galleywood Common watched by thousands of spectators during the Second World War.Four Valentines and one Matilda of the Royal Tank Corps, led by Lieutenant Peter Gunter, rumbled into Chelmsford to encourage townspeople to raise money to buy more metal monsters. The patriotic Essex Chronicle carried banner headlines proclaiming "Matilda Waltzes In – Crowds Cheer Tanks – Mayor in Turret". The object of the exercise was to make locals "tank-minded" and
  4. Taken from The Shadock's Surviving Panzer Website:- "Kingtiger turret parts found in 2001 near Mantes-la-Jolie (France) This tank from the 101 SS.s.Abteilung was lost in a crater on 26 August 1944. It was blown up by a scrap dealer after the war and the small metal bits were buried when the D913 road was constructed. Bruno Renoult, a local historian, discovered and recovered parts of the turret, including the roof and parts of the turret’s left side.The hull of the tank still remain (in bits) under the road. There is a project to recover all the bits still remaining under the road, to
  5. Found some more about that Tiger II:- "the Tigers turret is in a back yard of Saumur Tank museum, I've seen a picture of it. The hull is still beneath a main road and they have tried to get it out but can't because of disruption to the traffic etc." Quote taken from:- http://www.ww2talk.com/forum/user-introductions/28117-king-tiger-tank-france.html
  6. 6 thousand, 2 hundred and eighty one pages to go through, and translate, thats going to keep me busy.
  7. Some photos from the French Auto website ( link in post above) showing the turrret from the Tiger II. The Tiger II that appears to still be buried in France.....
  8. Cheers for that link. After further reading of the thread on that forum it appears that there is a Tiger II still buried under a road in France, its turret is above ground and appears in a couple of photos. From what I can see it is too expensive to recover the Tiger II, and no one is willing to pay for the job. There is also mention of a Panzer III:- "Now if you really want a German tank it must still remain a PzIII in Lyon, it is at the bottom of the Saône under a bridge I think ... And no more than 4m deep. The only worry is the authorization of the City: Never given despite sever
  9. My friend Tony was out there at the same time. I'll ask him next time I see him.
  10. I hope it gets saved, its my local show. Will have no where locally to go, especially now that Bunker Bash has been cancelled as well
  11. The ones marked 'Gas' do not seem to be as heavy as the others. The other shells look like they are weighing down the pallets that they are standing on, where as the Gas shells don't seem to be pushing the pallet in to the ground. Am I correct?
  12. From what I can find on the web, it is the same film. Yes I agree the Tiger replica is quite poor in this, it looks like a converted T55 or similar. If you check the official link out and compare it to the cast on the IMDB page that I posted, they are the same :-( Official page:- http://whitetiger-en.mosfilm.ru/about-film IMDB:- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2318405/ perhaps they decided to use another replica Tiger for the film...... I'll pm Anatoliy Step and ask him what happened.
  13. It has been released:- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2318405/
  14. wow, just the shells on there own must have taken quite some time to collect.
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