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  1. Looks like I'm redundant again:D Good job Simon, I'm hoping for a ride in it soon:cool2:
  2. My neighbour bought a WLA from Fred Warr, we went to see Fred to pick it up at his home, what a great guy! He had fitted a tap into the oil line to get over the problem but as others have said don't forget to turn it on:blush:
  3. Thanks for the welcome folk,I'm finding some very good reading,so many different vehicles and subjects.
  4. Looks like it's coming on Simon, good job on the spade;)
  5. Good evening everybody and thanks to Lee and Jack for the welcome. My name is Mike, I was told about the site by my nephew Simon/Masseyboy who is a new member here. I'm afraid I won't be rebuilding anything big but I have a great interest in all things mechanical,I have rebuilt many cars and bikes over the years but poor health has forced me to give up on most of it now. I'm hoping to be able to give Simon a hand sometimes and I would like a WW2 bike to keep my hand in. I still ride a modern bike and maintain/modify it myself. This looks a great site so I'm off for a look around no
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