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  1. hi jack, sorry for this late reply, have had computer probs. a huge big thanks to you , & your team for putting on a trully amazing event, i can only echo what other members have put, trully bloomin awesome! & am very chuffed that you have been persuaded to do it all again in 2014, count me in please! i did send you a personal email, saying thanks, & that if i can help in anyway, for the next one then will be happy to do so. a big thanks to those daring dr riders, you guys did just a fantatic job,....even made me v.breifly hanker after a bike! well done for keeping the conv
  2. hi jack, few, thats great news! didnt fancy having to tell my truck load of pals, that they had no ride! will be getting the old girl finished of in the next couple of weeks, so she looks her best for the event.....just not looking forward to painting 10 wheels!:shocked: with best regards, & looking forward to meeting you, & the legend that is rosie....i have heard some tales! james hubble.
  3. hi jack, the clock is ticking till the big day, & i am realy looking forward to the event, & meeting i hope your good self, & a lot of new faces. i booked my gmc 353 on to the event at the start of the year, paid, & sent in my entry fee, & recived back from you confirmation of my booking. however, my truck isnt on your soft skin list on the armaour, & embarkation site, & am worried that something has gone a miss. please can you confirm that you have me down, & that i am just being a silly worry pants. i know that you are up to your armpits, as they say, in s
  4. dear hmvf members, i have plenty storeage space avaliable in my paddocks, adjacent to my home, & workshop. i am located near watford herts, 10 minutes from junction 19/20 of the m25. i live down an unmade up single track road, with a double gate entrance in to the fields. i own a gmc 353, & can easily get this up/down the lane, so anything this size or a bit bigger is fine.....sadley a pacific might be a tad to big! if intrested, then please feel free to contact me on 01923 291149 or 07778 558899. you are most welcome to come & view. many thanks, james hubble.
  5. hi, my name is james hubble, & have just booked my gmc cckw 353 in for armour, & embarkation. i am a freind of doug, who is bringing his t25 armoured jeep. i have booked, myself, & my co driver harry bryce in so far, but hope to get some more of our ww2 airsoft team involved, & in the back of the truck. i have heard so many great storys about this event, i cant wait to be part of it! with best regards, james.
  6. hi richard, i can certainly help you out, i live on a farm in chandlers cross, near sarrat, about 7 miles from hemel, have plenty of field space. give me a call on 07778 558899, i live, & work from home, so you can bring the truck over at anytime. with best regards, james
  7. hello members of the hmvf forum, my name is james, & am the proud owner of a 1941 tin top, with cupola gmc 353, which i am currently in the process of restoring. i think my good freind armourerdoug might have already posted some pictures up of the truck when he joined last week. i have had real trouble loging on, but a big thanks to joris the site administrator for sorting it out. back to the truck, i bought the old girl in november from ian hughes, he had bought to be used on the film 'captain america' so i will be runing out to the cinema when the film comes out just to see if i can s
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