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  1. Yes it was, I painted it with three other guys from N44
  2. Thank you for the updates guys, I have about 80 reenactors from various parts of the world coming to our pitch (N44) it's good to get pictoral updates of the fields and vehicles arriving, it all adds to the excitement!!! Will be there myself on Monday around midday, cant wait!!! Keith
  3. Hi guys, just a reminder, Andy will be bringing some prints with him to sell at A+E so don't forget to empty the kids piggy banks and buy one ;o)
  4. Adrian brought his M10 to play at one of our private battles, thanks mate your a star, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thought you might like to see the footage from a reenactors perspective...
  5. All is good in the world of A+E Jack is selling his kidneys as I type to get the sponsorship required. No doubt the now slightly lighter Jack will update the clan HMVF Keith
  6. Tony can you try logging in again please Olaf you are showing as registered on our database however their may be an issue with the email reply give me 5 minutes then try the process again Keith
  7. Olaf it looks like you registered for the living history newsletter in the footer, click the main menu at the top, click subscribe and follow prompts in there, any problem give me a shout
  8. With regard to weapons and blades etc, please see me on the day as I will be liaising with the Police to ensure we do this safely, in 2010, all weapons were counted before going on display then counted again when we returned from a walkabout in Dorch, it's common sense really guys, keep weapons with you or stay with them if fixed to vehicles, bladed weapons should remain sheathed and not waved around for all to see. Think like a copper with regard to what is reasonable and what is not and you can't go far wrong, if you are unsure ask me. Keith
  9. From your selection of pictures I quickly played with this one... I did not remove number plates etc as you can see It just goes to show how getting the look of everyone right while at A+E is so important )
  10. I'll be there too camera in hand
  11. I tweet and Facebook and hit the forums too
  12. 150 is the quantity and Giclee is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gicl%C3%A9e Hope this helps Roxie x
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