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  1. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/album.php?albumid=126&pictureid=1253

    link for loggydrivers bedford there is also a couple of other pictures there of the other choice with small box on the rear

  2. link for bedford forum/vehicles/british/3and 4 ton trucks

  3. hi tony hope everything is ok down there

    as the plains tour is cancelled will see you in june at jacks do hopefully


  4. phil tried to call tonight but signal went do you have a landline

  5. not yet making my mind up between one from withams or one in france

  6. hi pete next show will be military mayhen in 3 weeks then next year at the bunker with seperate entrance

  7. mark i am going to have to pull out from ringmer this week as i am laid up in bed with flu at the moment so not sure if i will be fit enougth

    sorry mate

    dave ives

  8. hi im intersted in getting a mj could i have a link to your website please

  9. have pmd jack and he is happy to act as a gobetween but you need to get it to him tommorow as he will be leaving early friday morning then money will be sent back for you

    if out of the two one is tall and about 38 chest then can i have that one please


  10. rambo would you be intersted in leading one of the packets of this years convoy as you know a little bit of the terrain and are very sensibleplus i think you have a set of convoy flags

  11. as a regular to the plains would you be willing to lead a section of the convoy this year

  12. chris how would you feel about leading a section of the convoy when you are down at the plains this year

  13. neil are you going to military meham next week as i might need a favour

  14. hi david

    roger has said that you were after a set of tapes and if you dont mind being a lancejack (one tape) i have a army brassard with single tape on it for no2 shirt sleve order that you could use

    also if free next weekend military mayhem in kent i will be there

    let me know either way


  15. i am booked in at military meham at the end of the month if you want to come down or if you want to make that a meetup for the other 80 provost team members

  16. email address is davidmives@btinternet..com just remove one dot before com

    cheers keith

  17. tony ive put this so you are listed as a friend

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