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  1. I have just finished removing the old instrument console from my Centurion. The capillary tube from the oil pressure guage ( 26ft long) was broken about 30mm from the end attached to the banjo on the engine block of the Meteor. I know the capillary tube for the temp gauge is filled with some kind of alcohol ...BUT what is in the capillary tube of the Oil pressure gauge?? Does it use the oil from the engine like conventional modern pressure gauges? The capillary tube goes into and "round" housing that attaches to the Meteor via a banjo fitting, the capillary tube appears to be soldered into the fitting. Can i remove the broken piece and re solder the tube back into the housing? I have a brand new instrument console, but i would like to still repair the old gauge. Thanks for any help.. Paul.
  2. Hi Niels.... the side lights are just "2" wires/pins...
  3. Well , some small but very tricky items installed.. New convoy lights stripped and re finished and mounted front and rear.......new armoured wiring looms fitted, this was a a "bigger than Ben Hur" job! The looms run from the front storage boxes to a junction point on the hull side, they then go through the hull and to the internal junction box. The left hand side loom is in "behind" the wine rack( ammo storage) ...to access it requires alot of neck twisting and sore elbows and skinned knuckles!!! New external fire extinguisher activation cables were also installed....not quite as nasty as the wiring looms, but still not fun.... A few snaps of the "innocent" looking items.. Paul.
  4. Well it has taken about 10 months to strip each of the 6 suspension station,s , re finish/paint and install as well as the 24 new road wheels, which were also stripped and re finished. What a difference the 24 new road wheels make to the overall appearance...:-D I also located an original Centurion "Crow bar", as strange as it may seem they are as scarce as hens teeth here. I also re manufactured the rear tow cable holding mount on the rear long. range fuel tank. A few pics...
  5. Hi Juddy, yep , i had to get a permit to possess and display the MG,s..
  6. Out for a couple of pics with the new roadwheels and completed suspension stations.........well nearly finished.......one to finish on the drivers side rear!!!!!
  7. Some pics of the .30 mounted in the rear turret mounts..
  8. Could someone please advise as to what oil was used in the main gearbox on the Chieftain MBT, and its modern day equivalent Thanks..
  9. Fitted the road wheels to the rear left hand supension station today......one side finished!!!!
  10. A few other items installed over the last few months..
  11. Weather is good agian , so back to the suspension stations...... 3 down, 3 to.......
  12. Swifts Creek , about 50km below MT Hotham .....
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