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  1. Hi Ian L,  Are you still looking for commercial trailer "t" plates.

    I have a alloy one about 6 x 8 black back and white "t" red reflectors. 

                Yours Gordon Giles


  2. Hi Rumster, what is a fag end rear light look like I have one about 1 inch D and about 2 to 2 half inches long with a window for number plate light, all so I have 2 pillion seats I think thy have 4 springs nearly square with a very small lip on the back. hope you under stand this. gordon giles
  3. hi scott I was at 5 inf workshop in vitten annen near dortmound from 1953 to 1955, I cant remember seeing them only the ones jn for repair, I was in the recovery unit we had a ward le france for lifting, look after yourself not a lot of 5 inf lads left. was you at dortmund after thy moved from vitten annen.
  4. hi peter i have a disk with some of my army photos on it, i will check to see if the centurion is is on it and i could send it to you i will be in touch later gordon
  5. yes it was a mk2a antar i loved driving it, as i remember it was a 60 ton sankey semi trailer, the dyson was a 50 trailer, i think i am wright ! old age and all that, it is over 60 years ago that i drove one.
  6. hi peter c,you canlook at my photos of a antar with a centurion tank on trailer at 5 inf workshops witten annen (pronounced vitten annen ) germany and one on the road,the photos are taken by me between 1953/55.antar 54/55. you can look at my photos on scammell an d antar photos bt gordon giles hope you like them.
  7. i was at 5th inf workshop reme Witted Annen near Dortmund in 1953-1955 i dont remember this half track, was it before this date. i know thy moved to Dortmund a few years later.
  8. sold my 1920 770cc B,S,A V twin to get marrid
  9. The belts on the Triumph forks was supposed to stop the forks going forward if the spring broke but it did not work. The bike with zu on the tank looks very much like a Triumph, Possibly he put a name on the bike himself like they did with tanks and wagons. Very good unusual photos thank you.
  10. I transported one of the 1st conquerors to come into germany beween 1953-55 with a antar. you can see them on my photos that andy fowler put on for me.
  11. I have been a few times to Skipton castle it is well preserved a very good day out, I live at Farsley ,NR Leeds no to far away
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