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  1. Willy, thank you for your tip. I sent him a PM!!!! Greetings Peter
  2. I have a question about the perfect restauration of the Copeman´s stuart tank pictured in the CMV July 2011: When you look at the small details of this superb restauration work you will see on every part of the tank is a yellow stamp of 4 nummers on almost every part of the tank. Does somebody know for what these nummers are or can somebody give me a tip to get in contact with the Copeman´s? Thank you for your help!!!! Peter
  3. Hallo to everybody! Now the snow is going away (here in Austria) & the temperatures are rising -now it is time to start my WLA after a long winter! Every year I have the same problem, all the oil is in the crankcase and it is a lot of work to start the engine - when the engine runs all the oil is burning through the exaustpipe and the oil drips down from the crankcase to the bottom. It is all a mess!! I wan´t to ask if anybody can give me an advice to make the starting of the WLA after a long time more comftable! Greetings from Austria Peter
  4. Hallo Ian! Congratulation for this M 4!!! This vehicle is on top of my wishlist! I think it is one of the most impressive US vehicle of WWII. I hope you will keep us informed with the restaurationworks of "The Beast";) Wish you All the Best! Peter
  5. Servus Silva! A warm welcome to this forum!!! I only want to tell you, that Commander George and your webside with your perfect pictures gave me the intention for buying a Command Car!!!:-) I saw your Dodge 2009 in Normandy and this was the beginning of the endless search for a Command Car - thank you Silvia!!! Peter
  6. Hallo to everybody! As a cure against my "green fever" I decide buying a Dodge Command Car from the WC series! Now I ask the community to tell me the experience they made with the Dodge WC´s. Can you compare this vehicle with the Jeep? How is it to drive? What are tricks for operating and maintaining such a car etc etc... I hope you tell me all the pro´s and con´s for such a vehicle! Thank you Pete 41
  7. Thank you for your info! I´m also interessted in the experience he made with the LED´s. Do they shine bright enough to see the light by day? (the indicator and stop light) or is it better to stay by the normal bulbs?
  8. Hallo everybody!!! Has somebody already made a experience with LED-Lightning on a WWII US vehicle? I wan´t to know how to do it or if somebody already offers sealed "LED-Lights" for sale. Need some indicators for the front and the complete rear lights for a Dodge WC. All informations and experiences are welcome!!!! Thank you Pete 41
  9. Thank you earlymb! All the wishes for 2011 are becoming true with the way-back-machine!!! But I´m still interessted in the new domaine! Thank you all for this Peter
  10. At first: Happy new year to all in this community! Will be great if someone knows the weblink to take a look at their fantastic collection of military vehicles!!! Please keep me informed! Thank´s to all! Peter
  11. Richard, It was always a good and quick treatment against "the green fever" to take a look at their homepage. I saw their vehicles in Beltring for about 3 times incl. Rommels staff car. They are working at a very high standart - simply perfect for me!!!! Maybe you will get some more info´s about their homepage, to cure an green fever infected austrian! All the Best Peter
  12. Hi Richard, thank you for your advice, if googled this name and i found michael gibb as director of this company., Do you know what happend to the webside? Where I can find this beautiful pictures? Any ideas? Greetings from snowy Austria Peter
  13. Hallo to all! I´m new to this forum and I wan´t to ask what happend to the sdkfz foundation from michael gibb? What happend to their homepage, or is there a new side with pictures of their beautiful vehicles? I´m missing this domain! Thank you for your answer Pete41
  14. pete41

    Fantasy Barn

    1. Harley Davidson WLA 2. Willys MB 3. Weasel M 29 4. Dodge WC 57 5. GMC 352 closed Cab 6. Zündapp KS 750 7. Kettenkrad HK 101 8. VW 82 Kübelwagen 9. VW 166 Schwimmwagen 10. High speed tractor M 6 and last but not least: a bar, music box and a couch to enjoy all the stuff!
  15. Hallo to everybody! My name is Peter and I live in a small village near Salzburg, Austria. I´m interessted in the history and the vehicles of wwII. My current vehicles are: Harley Davidson WLA, Willys Jeep, Weasel M29 and a Zündapp KS 750. I hope I will find some new friends with the same virus infected! All the Best Peter
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