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  1. I subscribed to this forum because I am looking to buy a P59 and P60 Ammunition Box. I noticed on a posting you were talking about the P59 so I thought I would check. We have a Quad artillery gun tractor with limber and 25 pounder gun at the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford. I'm looking for the ammo boxes to put in the Quad. Any help would be appreciated. I'd buy them for a reasonable price. Nice web site! roger
  2. Paul, I know this thread on HMVF is 5 years old But I was wondering if you still have the P59 box and wanted to sell it? I've been looking for a P59 ammo box. kind regards, roger
  3. Hello Forum Members, I'm new to HMVF just having been introduced to it a few days ago. I've joined the forum hoping someone might be able to help me with some research I've been doing on a 1940 Norton military 16H motorcycle that was just donated to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum, Brantford, ON, Canada. See our website at www.cmhmhq.ca I’m a volunteer at the museum and have been helping with some restoration on the bike and I have also been trying to research its history. The bike (frame &engine #W2172) was built on Oct.-Nov. 1939 as 1 of 6,000 16Hs built for the British Arm
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