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  1. can anyone tell if this was the type used in northern ireland and what was stored in the pocket on the shoulder
  2. if you hold in f10 or f12 button on start up and if your computor has a factory back up stored this will let you repair or restore your laptop to factory setting , bear in mind save any important stuff first as this will wipe all files except factory installed ones. hope this helps.
  3. A very happy and prosperous new year to all ..
  4. merry christmas and happy new year to all..
  5. Good one Wayne lol . If only it could fly . The possibilities
  6. thanks guys i couldnt have done it without your help, greatly appreciated. andy i would love to bring it to w&p show but im away to gran canaria when its on , and also the cost to transport it would be fairly expensive i would imagine, thanks again.
  7. i knew things were going to get bad but is this what we are reduced to
  8. clive i bow down before you, your advice was 100% correct, i filled the wrong tank with the good fuel the other tank was empty, so i had the tap switched to the empty tank :red:, anyway i took the fuel out again and put it in the empty tank and switched the tap to that tank, and back up and running again, i think the passenger tank may be blocked or bunged up so im sticking with the drivers side tank . thanks again for your help clive.
  9. starting to come together andy. i love the nice shinney chassis,
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