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  1. Hello Paul Many thanks for that, that's a great line of enquiry. Best Regards Andy
  2. Hello Andrew Thanks for the quick reply - that was my thoughts too, but looking at the 2 photos on Ian Paterson's Desert Rats website of MH mk2s they don't look like WS19 radios. They may well be configured differently if that's possible. I haven't yet been able to find any really clear pictures Cheers for now Andy
  3. Thanks to all. I'm often at Chatham, mostly in KD, but sometimes in Italian gear with a bird crashed into the side of my head. Been working on the 110 this week, put some lovely 9.00 x 16s on it
  4. I've checked all the usual places but can't find the answer - but does anybody have any info on what radio sets were fitted in the South African assembled Ford/Marmon Herrington mk 2 and 3 armoured cars as used in North Africa pre El Alamein. Many thanks in advance. Andy
  5. Just joined the forum. I live in Kent, I'm most interested in Commonwealth vehicles that served in North Africa in WW2. Just joined IMPS too.
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