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  1. Sherman Target at Biville France
  2. How much would you sell the Chieftain for ????
  3. Any chance you could post the pictures you took of this great find please ? thanks:D
  4. Thanks for the pics chaps
  5. Thanks Andy..any more pics Terry ??? thanks
  6. Hi, where did you find these gems lurking ?
  7. did you ever get the pleasure of a diesel shower ??? when it leaked from the breathers and flooded forward past the turret and waterfalled around the sight into the cab lol..happy days !!! or a spring pack change !
  8. Steve, thanks so much for those detailed pics, that are an invaluable insight into how these vehicles ended their days. As an ex Driver they do make an interesting topic, as Id always wondered just how much protection my seat got from those Sabots n hesh`s ! Thanks once again If anyone else has some of these ..please post them thanks Dave
  9. Nice one Steve those two are well detailed, will look forward to your next upload, and will trawl for the ones you already posted, thanks , Regs Dave
  10. Does anyone have any Chieftain Range Targets lurking in files that they can share ? Thanks
  11. Biville range wrecks South of Cherbourg
  12. Hi, does any member have any pics or info on the two Churchills removed from Lulworth Range in the mid 80`s ? During a Chieftain conversion course we were informed not to engage them with main gun due to preservation orders placed on them.? so I assume they were saved ?
  13. see if this link works any better ? http://www.archaeology.co.uk/?s=Otterburn+&x=8&y=14 any one else got any pics from this range ?
  14. John, I think the infra-red roof probe was the best ! it set off an alarm in the turret to inform the crew that they had been locked on to !! gave you just a few nano seconds to say your goodbyes I seem to remember both that probe and the met probe stayed in the stores...always !! Happy days !
  15. we was told the L60 pack was 35% under powered, so had to motor at higher revs just to achieve a decent momentum ! as the original spec design was originally for Rolls engines. So perhaps this may be a factor ? I think we always felt we could slug it out, so the high noise and blue smoke became an acceptable feature that they always knew when we were coming so we didnt worry ! (we never got lost anyway ! the blue plumes made sure of that)
  16. Thanks Adrian, Ive just uploaded some to the Gallery
  17. Does anyone else have any more of these great Larkhil pics they can post ? Thanks
  18. New boys were called "Crows" in our outfit, so I agree .."Old Sweat" is much better ! :-) Here is a Chieftain Gate Guard at Catterick FEBA training estate, although I think its more "hands on" than just a guard.! Hopefully someone will rescue and preserve it one day !
  19. Id love to know the cost for the gas to cut the whole front of that off ! must have took a week too !! Thanks Iain
  20. Yes Steve, must have been one of those "magic" bullets like what killed Kennedy ... ie able to move up and down....and left to right ! and map read !!! :cool2:
  21. sorry im a year late with this post ...but they told us the same story at Pirbright ranges..but that the window cleaner was killed in Chobham !
  22. Great pics in this thread chaps, heres a two I took at Lulworth Dec 2009, anyone have any ideas why they cut the front off that Chieftain ????
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