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  1. In late 2002 Nick Dimbleby and I collaborated on a feature for LRM based on what we believed to be the last four RR Classics purchased for the SAS and then cast in 2001, illustrated with photos of two of them which were by then in private ownership. This is a direct quote from that article:- Classified by the military as Car Utility 4x4 3.9 Litre V8 Petrol Range Rover, the four vehicles bearing the call-signs TAC71 to TAC74 carried military registration numbers in the batch EV70AA to EV73AA, though not in any particular order, and had chassis numbers in the MA662### series.
  2. In case anyone is interested in current UK armour, I've just posted brief a two-part Armour Focus on FOXHOUND/OCELOT LPPV over on JOINT-FORCES Bob
  3. 'kin'el! Is she that old, Robin? How time flies. I was lucky, Lynne paid for most of her wedding as she and her now hubby were loaded in comparison to her mother and I. BATUS sounds interesting, but as the seat-polishers in UK MoD defence communications prefer to tweet banalities rather than grant media access (BBC and Telegraph excepted) to the troops it probably won't happen. The only reason Operation CABRIT got coverage last year was that I sneaked in the back door out in Estonia and Poland (with national military help) and just got on with it..... but that's another story.
  4. If you mean a direct personal email Notification, not at the moment Richard. I'm waiting for this new GDPR lunacy to kick in first. A link to most new content get autoposted on the TwitFace accounts:- http://facebook.com/JOINTFORCESMEDIA and http://twitter.com/JOINTFORCESNEWS Bob
  5. Cheers, Surveyor. Not sure how many on here this will be of interest to, but I have also just started uploading some of my old combat boot scribbles and snaps, which were first published in C&S, on my new J-F website. Two MoD suppliers ( Alt-Berg and Iturri ) have also sent me sample pairs of the next generation of UK Forces combat boots for evaluation and I expect two more models - from AKU ( CHL ) and HAIX (DCHL ) - to arrive over the next few weeks so articles on these will also be posted in due course on J-F. Bob
  6. Morning guys, Glad to hear my scribbles and snaps are still of interest. Robin, if I remember correct the next round is yours so stop hiding on the other side of the Pond you tight git. I do not plan on taking the easy way out and republishing the LRM (or earlier LRO) articles, as not only would the publishers be unhappy bunnies but also many things I did not know back then have subsequently surfaced to bring the story forward. However as I have always asserted my © on my original images, and as I still have most of them (unfortunately some slides never got returned by publ
  7. Morning guys. Some of you might have heard rumours on the green oval grapevine that my long-running monthly column on Military Land Rovers, which ran in LRO from the January 1988 issue until the autumn of 1998 and then transferred across to LRM for the next 20ish years is finally being dropped from print publication. One final column will run, insha'Allah, in the July 2018 issue of LRM - the topic is Lithuanian Army Defenders - but unless one of the other publishing houses makes me an offer for my services it is unlikely the story will continue. When I penned the first column fo
  8. They don't make feathers that big, Robin.
  9. In case interested, I have just uploaded an album of Latvian CVR(T) Scimitars and Spartans on JOINT-FORCES.com Album ~ New Latvian CVR-T Fleet Bob
  10. In case interested, Carl Schulze has penned a two-part feature on the evolution of the Marder 1 on JOINT-FORCES.com Evolution of the Schutzenpanzer Marder 1 ~ Part One Evolution of the Schutzenpanzer Marder 1 ~ Part Two Bob
  11. A little bird tells me there may be some in-service photos appearing in the July or August issue of MMI. Bob
  12. Bob

    photo attachment

    Look up when typing a reply and count along eight buttons from the left or two from the right to find the Img button. Click once on the Img button, enter the URL of the image, then click the Img button again, like so :- Bob :wink:
  13. Having talked at great length with a number of the historic deactivated weapons traders, including members of their industry association's group which met at length with the Junior Minister tasked with shepherding the guns side of this legislation through Parliament, it seems that the primary intent of Charles Clarke is to kill airsoft dead. As he is one of the Old Labour set, who bend over backwards to appear to be appeasing the 'loony left', no doubt the rationale behind this is that 'toy guns are too macho'. His deputy has also said that banning the sale of airsofts and other replicas
  14. " So you can't sell it! But you could give it to someone and charge for delivery!!! " Afraid not. The precise wording is likely to include words such as give and lend, in similar fashion to the 'truncheon and baton' legislation passed out of the blue last summer. The bill has now pretty much made its way through the committee stage, to allow MPs to have their ten-week holiday before it is presented for a final reading around the fourth week in October to be rubber stamped under a 3-line Parliamentary Whip. Bob
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