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  1. Out now: Frituur Zorro volume 4. Same quality as previous volumes. 172 pages devoted to Allied trucks (140 pages) and to German, French, Czech, and Dutch vehicles. Also some post-war trucks. All info on: http://www.frituurzorro.nl'>http://www.frituurzorro.nl'>http://www.frituurzorro.nl maybe you will have to refresh your browser The Frituur Zorro team http://www.frituurzorro.nl
  2. Well no. Of course We know about traveller Dave's activities ( faithful buyer of our books) and of course La Calmette in France. But our relics are in better shape (most of them that is)
  3. Just got a word from Australia that the crane mounted on a Belgian Mack NM 6 on page 73 of our book Frituur Zorro 3 is a Bilstein, the same mounted on a Famo. Very very peculiar.. Those who have the book: check it out! http://www.frituurzorro.nl
  4. False hope.. All our pictures date from the seventies and I am sure, they are all gone now (sob) or are in the hands of you, the collectors, restoring them to pristine condition (sob again)
  5. 500 'old beasts' in our photobooks of http://www.frituurzorro.nl, only 1 Explorer in the UK..
  6. Well, it seems not everybody is familiar with our books dealing with these subjects: Frituur Zorro 1 and 2. Volume 3 will appear in september 2012. Check out our website: http://www.frituurzorro.nl These books are no money-makers for us. Every penny (euro) we invest in other titles. We have more of them up in our sleeve...
  7. To all our zorro friends: Just came from the printer. Frituur Zorro 3 will arrive 1 september. http://www.frituurzorro.nl ...no trucks, no glory...
  8. A message to all our Zorro fans: Frituur Zorro volume iii is in the making! Mainly filled with, again, many Allied vehicles, some French, German and Czech vehicles also. Will be available medio 2012. Hereby the cover, starring a rugged White 666, 6-ton, 6x6 ..no trucks, no glory...
  9. Sadly Maartens Kuebel was damaged by fire last weekend. Tarpaulin set on fire by scum. Can be restored but what a painful sight it was theo barten http://www.frituurzorro.nl
  10. Last september we launched Volume 2 of Frituur Zorro at a fair in Mol ( Belgium) We brought our own Kübel. See photo of our stand http://www.frituurzorro.nl
  11. To me it sounds like a sick joke. i.e. a model
  12. Hi, Long awaited Frituur Zorro volume two is now available. Go to http://www.frituurzorro.nl for details and ways to order. This edition filled with German, French, Italian, Czech, Russian, and also Allied (Jeep!) material..
  13. Here is one from Frituur Zorro volume 2. Sd.Kfz.251 under a pile of scrap metal and a barrel from a PzKw4? The axles and suspension unclear to me. Anyone?
  14. Sure! Watch the updated website (http://www.frituurzorro.nl ) from sept. 10 onwards..
  15. FRITUUR ZORRO IS NOW AVAILABLE . Hereby you will find the cover. For those who do not know: a photobook filled more than 250 hi-quality photo's with German, French, Czech, Italian and Russian vehicles of WWII and the derivates of the war afterwards. Also a fair amount of allied vehicles, such as Jeeps, Beeps and other. Same quality as Volume 1 about allied vehicles. Go to http://www.frituurzorro.nl and reserve your copy! Volume 1 still available..
  16. This the Praga you saw? (this is however a 4x2, but maybe with the same cab?,a eastern copy of an International K-line) We spotted it, along with many others on the other side of the iron curtain in the seventies. This one is a 'bee-truck' in the woods of Karlovivary. (Karlsbad). It will be inside of our Photobook Frituur Zorro 2, read all about it of part 1 here: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?20800-New-Book-FRITUUR-ZORRO-MVs-in-postwar-civvy-use
  17. We take the liberty to inform you about a Dutch photobook we have published, dealing with the second use of WW II softskin vehicles in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century. In these decades we photographed Morris Commercials, Austins, Bedfords, GMC's, Autocars, Pacifics and more (about 30 different makes) in civilian use in Belgium, the south of the Netherlands and Northern France. 250 hi-quality photos inside. You can find all about on this website. http://www.frituurzorro.nl
  18. Well, Thanx for the support. I hope your message will generate other sales, since we put a lot of energy and money in it. I am satisfied if we reach a break even point, but that is still far away
  19. A bit late, but here I am. My name is Theo Barten (1948), living in Holland; graduated from art school, editorial and technical illustrator (esp. infographics). I am interested in all kinds of historical transport (from WW ll planes to oceanliners) but most of all: soft-skin vehicles from WWll. With my friend Maarten Swarts we made a survey of used miltary vehicles in the seventies and took over 2000 photo's. You can find 250 of them in the book 'Frituur Zorro', furtheron on this site. My website: http://www.theobarten.nl
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