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  1. From what I understand, absolutly correct. The soft-top DoKa 404.114 (military version) was used as a gun tractor, then into driver training. There was a very limited number being made around the very early 1960's with 83 as has been suggested in an earlier post being a number I've heard from a few sources. There was supposed to be a 2nd later batch made which went into driver training. Oh it's also totally possible to get a mog stuck, you just need to try hard enough
  2. Hi guys, Thought I'd join up on the forum and say hello Came across the forum whilst persusing for trailers. I've got parked in the driveway a road worthy Mercedes Unimog 404.114 Doka from 1959 with matching numbers. It's currently JCB yellow, which is worth a giggle, but I'm planning on reverting it back to something a little more standard in the near future. Here's a pic of the old lady anyway I've also got a 1963 404.114 which is in need of restoration, it's mostly there, but tinking is needed. Well hello anyway
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