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  1. Having Looked through the manuals i have they refer to the tools in the seperste sections but no lists of them all.
  2. I will look through all the Bedford manuals when get home in the morning and let you know
  3. as title coms side tent doors may be of use to someone open to any offers ??
  4. jerkey


    wanted 90 110 land rover roll bar
  5. for saleis a pair of Leyland Daf Mirrors (Or any other lorry) B,N,I,B NSN no 2540998525383 p/no 35603107902 both still in bubble wrap opened 1 to take photo £35 for the pair also rear light modification kit for a Daf B,N,I,B NSN 2590992537962 this is the complete rear lights could be fitted to other vehicles £150 call tony 07904510909
  6. hi what time on saturday / sunday will the show open and close and is there a entrance fee to visitors ???
  7. In hast on Friday forgot to pack a camera again a great turn out some unusual vehicles
  8. had a great weekend apart from the early Saturday morning alarm bang and music ! :-o . my second time going wow no rain this time . sun burn instead getting bigger look forward to next year
  9. is it only on line that we can get/ order clothing or is it pos to order at certain shows if you are there??? :-D
  10. have a look at 290114212035 on ebay they are good if you exepect tyre damage ie some git slashing your tyres or drivin in a flint quary
  11. try this it might help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run_flat_tires
  12. silicone wonderful stuff ??????? = multi purpose glue / gasket /wind screen sealer / stops drafts between brick and double glazing and loads more uses
  13. Jack - Dorset - GMC Ian- Essex - Bedford RL or Landie Chris - Nottingham - CVR(W) Fox or Ferret Mk 1 & LR Series 3 Lightweight Lee- Essex- CVR(W) Fox or Ferret Mk 1 or Land Rover 109FFR John - Essex - 101 FC Ambulance Andy - Sussex - Bedford MW Karl - Sussex - Landrover DPV (depending can book time off of work) Rowan - Wiltshire - Dodge wc51 Rob - Nearly Essex - 127 Rapier rambo- London/Essex -110 landy rambo 2- London/Essex - champ rambo 3- London/Essex - lightwieght rambo 4- London/Essex -1970's jeep Private P Connor - Brighton -Humber Pig Fv1612 Mk1 Flying Chris - Sussex-
  14. jerkey

    Cable Terminals

    dont know if any good used them years ago give them a call http://www.bluebeehive.com/
  15. hi the last link ( part 15 ) has the date 30 jan 1972 that was sunday bloody sunday http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/january/30/newsid_2452000/2452145.stm
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