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  1. I just noticed they seem to be using the FE font rather than the usual one. I presume the original typeface is your favorite and mine, DIN Mittelshrift 1451.
  2. UK Supplier of BW plates. http://www.german-number-plates.com/german-military-plates :-)
  3. Mine left the factory as a standard vehicle, it has medic stickers all over it which have been painted out, it then has the Feldjaeger decals fitted. Theres a really useful guy to know (Uwe) on the German Iltis forum found here.. http://www.vw-183.de/forum/ He served in Germany and is really into his Iltis, he seems to have a lot of archived information and was able to tell me the original BW registration plus where it was stationed throughout it's life. If anyone else reads this with an Iltis and knows nothing of it's German history Uwe is a really nice guy and is more than happy to help out with information about the vehicles.
  4. Thanks for the info, appreciated.
  5. Hi. Mine is a VW not a bombardier, so the badge is just a normal VW badge, from memory its part number starts 321 so its taken from a passat.
  6. Tactical markings for Castle martin Iltis.
  7. Seeing as I have a Ex Castle Martin Iltis, I'm curious to see how many others are still knocking about. As I understand it, there were 12 there, when the base closed in 1996 they were sold on, 10 as "Good 'uns" and 2 as scrappers. From what I can gather, mine has been stored for 14 years before I got it, and I don't know if the amount of missing parts is due to bits just getting lost while it's been stored, or if mine was one of the dead ones. I'll start the ball rolling. 1. - 1982 model year badged as "FeldJaeger" with older medic markings painted out. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. If you have one, copy the list with your details in. :kiss:
  8. I just bought a VW Iltis, when I was looking around this forum kept popping up in Google results, had a nosey, gleaned some info and off I went. Anyway, I ended up buying one, so I'm back! Me, I'm a fat bloke from West Yorkshire, I run a garage for a living specialising in VW Vans, I've been fixing them for too long now and lost a bit of enthusiasm, so I bought something else to learn about! Bit of a learning curve it has to be said! My business - www.brickwerks.co.uk My Iltis build - www.iltis.co.uk
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