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  1. Thanks, I'll turn it round so that the oiler is at the top.

    Im just confused as to the position of the rotor arm. Cylinder 1 is at tdc, both valves on 1 are shut, timing mark lines up, and both marks on the timing chain line up, so shouldn't the rotor be pointing to 5oclock, not 7?

  2. Good afternoon gents.

    I've just fit a new distributor onto a gpw engine. Does this look in the right position? The points are just starting to open, and would put no.1 plug lead between about 5 and 6oclock

    I've checked Google, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting info as to which way the rotor should be pointing for cylinder 1...



  3. Good morning all!

    I know absolutely nothing about wartime radios and components, so I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of education ...

    I've bought a 1944 GPW, which has this radio equipment in. It all looks original to me, so I would like to restore it as a radio Jeep.

    Are these parts in the photos correct for a ’44 ford? Or are they a later addition?

    What radio set would be correct?

    What other parts will I need apart from an antenna? 

    Thanks, Rich



  4. What are peoples opinions on jeep electrical systems?

    I've restored a lot of jeeps, and they've always been 12v. My personal jeep is 12v, which in my opinion is much better than 6v because of the reliability.

    I've just bought a GPW to restore and sell which has all the original 6v system intact and working. Would you like to see it kept in its original 6v state? Or would you prefer to buy one converted to 12?


  5. Hello! I signed up here several years ago, but have never really posted anything.

    I recently rediscovered the site, and have spent a fair few hours reading through various posts. There's certainly a wealth of knowledge here!!! 

    My names Richard, I'm 36 and from Emsworth in Hampshire. I own a '43 Ford GPW and a '42 Harley WLA, both if which I have fully restored.  I love getting out in them, often driving/riding them hundreds of miles to get to shows and back :)

    I also own HD Customs & Classics which is a classic car garage based in Emsworth, specialising in military vehicle restorations. So happy to share any knowledge and advice I can!

    Looking forward to being part of the community:)



  6. 1944 willys jeep for sale.

    Just had body off/engine out restoration.

    Complete rewire and converted to 12v

    Runs and drives very nicely.

    95% complete, but still needs a few small parts to finish off.




    Viewing welcome in Emsworth, near Portsmouth.

    Delivery possible.

    Call Rich on 07917 853833




  7. im sure the actual show will be just as good as always, but icant help but feel a little dissapointed! it was always nice to be able to deposit the wife and kids in the fairground/play area for a few hours peace every day :D Crawling through the ballpond in full battledress trying to round up over-excited toddlers was always a sight to behold ;)



    I am a little concerned over the amount of extra motorway driving im going to have to do in my poor little jeep though

  8. Good evening chaps


    Im looking at a friends REO which isnt charging. Im a mechanic by trade, but am unfamiliar with its 24v system. Hoping someone here may be able to help :)


    Basicaly its not charging the battery. Apparently it used to work, but one day stopped working. Its had a new regulator, and the alternator has been bench tested(not by me) and given a clean bill of health


    i took a photo of the alternator and labeled it -




    1 is a good earth

    2 is 24v battery feed

    3 is a 24v feed to alternator

    4 goes to the rear interior lights. 0v on it

    5 is a broken black wire also going to the rear interior light. its niether live or earth, and has apparently never been connected.


    Theres no voltage at any of the 3 regulator terminals at any time.


    anyone got any ideas?

    cheers, rich

  9. So we've hit a bit of a dillemma on our MB restoration.

    It came with a pedestal mount, which we have had a .30 on. I much prefer the look of a radio jeep so I've fitted a full radio set up and tried to remove the gun components.

    Unfortunately some muppet has welded the pedestal mount to the floor, and there's no way I'm going to be able to get it off without a Hell of a lot of work!


    So the question is, can anyone think of any circumstances where a jeep might have been fitted with both a radio AND a mounted weapon, or have I just wasted loads of money on a shiney new radio set?

  10. thanks for all the help guys :)

    I think ive got it wired up right, i just need to change the voltage setting on the DY88. its currently set to 24v, how do i change it down to 12v?


    The jeeps not supressed (yet), but i'll work on that when i strip her down for the winter.

    Im never actually going to use it, its just nice to have it all working :)

  11. good evening all!

    i have a BC-1306 radio that i want to fit into my MB. its complete, with all wires/accerories etc, but i dont have a clue what to do with it!

    How do i wire it in? is it just a live and an earth? secondly, how do i turn it on once its wired in?

    ive never had anything to do with radio sets, so i really have no idea!




  12. has anyone come across 'Chuchua' cylinder heads?

    i have one fitted to my jeep, it was there when i bought it. Im just wondering if its been fitted to convert it to run on unleaded? if it is, i probably wont bother changing it for the time being.


    Any one got any idea?

  13. I done my steering gear yesterday, its a really easy job.

    Take off the nsf wing and the whole steering box and column will slide out nicely. The box is quite straight forward to take apart. 4 bolts for the side cover, clamp and 3 bolts for the column shaft.

    I had to reshim the column after all the new parts were fitted, but that's just a case of trial and error, adding and removing shims until the gear turns nicely.

    Also, watch out when refitting it all! It was abit tighter to get back in for some reason, and I ended up catching the oil pressure gauge flexihose. I didn't notice, and it made a lovely mess of the driveway when I.started it up.

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