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  1. Hi, Thanks for the info had a feeling I couldn't get lucky enough to get a 68 at a boot sale but will keep your photo to hand for future referance - thanks again
  2. Hi, Haven't posted anything for a long while, but recently bought this smock & curiosity has got the best of me. Can anyone shed some light on what pattern it is & an approx manufacturing guidelines to which years it could have beenmade , I think its 1968 DPM Pattern but I can't make my mind up- so see what you think - Thanks in advance [ATTACH=CONFIG]89293[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]89292[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]89291[/ATTACH]
  3. Hi again yes your right the rf section is missing I'll have a look in more detail at it tomorrow especially if the hole for the fuse & the red light have been enlarged if the have may as well leave whats there alone as bits from yours won't fit anymore - cheers colyn
  4. Hi Chris Yes that would be great if you have all the correct arial fittings to go in these 2 holes & if you happen to have 3 screw on covers to fit the 3 sockets on the front thats the next thing I was going to start to look for. If as you say the white button looks wrong if you have whatever should be in its place that would be nice also. At least if I have all the right bits fitted if by any chance i look into seeing if it will work everythings there & correct I will happily pay you for these bits & of course the postage so see what you have & let me know the cost - Many thanks cheers colyn
  5. Hi to all, Just bought this LARKSPUR WS B44 MK2 VALVE WIRELESS SET of Ebay for display At the top R.H. corner there are 2 holes one above the other & the casing is cut away in a half round shape above the holes Should the arial housing fit there the cut out in the caseing is to allow for the antenna to remain upright whilest connected - of am I off track with my reasoning Just submitted this post looked on Ebay & theres one for sale c/w its tripod I can see from the photo on there what should go in the 2 holes but still don't know what the fitment is for. - Cheers Colyn
  6. Thanks to all for the welcome notes in answer to Andy's question WW2 - British Royal Engineers + Usaf & US 3rd. Infantry div - Cheers Colyn
  7. Hi to everyone Just a few lines to introduce myself My name is Colyn Brackenbury I live up in North Yorkshire I,ve been interested in classic cars & Motorcycle most of my life had a various assortment of both over the last 40 years. over the last couple of years have got into re-enactment & of course military vehicles go nicely along with re-enacting. currently looking for the right tax free one to get started. I joined the M.V.T. at a recent event at Croft ( which was a great event for the first one & give it a few years & it will be as good as Goodwood) I figured that as I arn't getting any younger best get on with enjoying owning one before I get too old to drive it. So thats about it - your website & the forum look great & a good source of info on most topics military & most important a lot of helpfull members all the best colyn ( Majortom)
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