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  1. Please can anyone - someone? confirm the size of a CVRT smoke discharger tube. A Daimler Ferret is 65mm~ OD x 120mm~ L, though the CVRT dischargers appear longer and appear to have a larger diameter. Diana
  2. 2 x 3mm (3mm from memory) dia viton cord, joints at top and displaced from one another. Grease liberally all areas, align joint, push, pray and @&&&&!!! Diana
  3. Even if it doesn't work it's cheap! The Cheaper the better - I saw some army clothing a few months back it said "made in China"...await the day when things are made in Russia (sorry got carried away) :-) Diana
  4. As The Title says just 1 spring gas strut for the Right Hand side (Offside) roof door. Diana
  5. 1 link weighs 5kg, usually New track is 84 links per side. Diana
  6. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/
  7. This maybe useful to anyone having slow running problems with a J60 engine. We cleaned the carburettor and jets using compressed air, as well as carb cleaner, then we found a jet with a damaged thread on top of the venturi tube (solex 190). The jet would not seat properly. After removing and cleaning the idle mixture screws, by chance I injected compressed air into the mixture screw holes only to find that there were air leaks between the 2 halves of the carburettor body accompanied by bubbling carb cleaner at the joint. The carburettor is in two halves with a gasket between. The
  8. If you intend to go off road you know about the recovery exclusion clause with Cherished vehicles? Diana
  9. The Spartan has a lot going for it apart from cost, you can fit a GPMG, it's not a Rareden cannon, but it is a gun, easier to work on that a Scorpion, Scimitar or Sabre and has a lot more room. You need to factor in not just the vehicle cost but fuel, insurance, recovery, spare parts, oil, filters as well as spares availability, and of course if you need a licence to drive a tracked vehicle the cost, if you do not already have one, of that. The other little issue often overlooked is of physically getting into and out of a CVRT, which for some people is impossible. Diana
  10. The rear hubs of my Ferret, which I've overhauled, do not leak! Tip - replace copper washers with dowty seals on the fillers and drain plugs. Ensure The Challis (spelling?) under the boot is smooth, if it's not it will soon wear out {damage} any new oil seal. The boot is not there to retain oil. but to keep out muck and dirt. I would recommend flushing out the hub before fitting new seals. There are 2 joints at the front of the hub, ensure they are not leaking. If they are use Hylomar but sparingly (If it gets into the threaded holes it causes problems, cured by using a thread tap
  11. Cherished Vehicle Insurance around £99 for max 6 recoveries per year. Diana
  12. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/lifestyle/nostalgia/photos-alvis-still-building-6150472
  13. Avoid ASDA petrol - doesn't burn at all well. Diana
  14. CVRT drivers seat cushion in very Good usable condition, very small cut at rear which cannot be seen under the seat back. £15 plus carriage via Hermes. Diana
  15. http://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/about-us/hints-tips/etch-primers.html
  16. You can roll/brush 2 pack etch, but I wouldn't roll or brush 2 pack epoxy. Etch is also liable to lift old paint, but 2 pack etch is the best to place directly over aluminium. It will adhere like nothing on earth. Avoid 1 pack. Diana
  17. 2 pack etch sprayed colour irrelevant and 2 pack epoxy primer(usually grey) sprayed, then whatever topcoat you need. both the 2 pack etch and epoxy will/may lift old paint. So all the old paint needs removing. One coat of 2 pack epoxy should do, its tough stuff. You will probably need epoxy thinners with the primer. NATO green goes well over grey. Diana
  18. The CVRT (J60) has electronic ignition (usually) which can be troublesome. Remove the speed limiter fuse cunningly fitted to an ignition coil blank cable outlet then see if it starts. There is a complete ignition system on ebay at the moment. Diana
  19. BCF is now illegal (except in aircraft and other permitted equipment). It was plumbed in to the engine compartment. The best alternative is Foam, however some will argue not, though dry powder makes an awful mess. People who rally use foam (lifeline 2000) Diana
  20. Simply by demonstrating you had taken every possible step, such as pulling in at every opportunity, checking to see if you had built up a queue of traffic behind you regularly, going at a maximum possible speed consistent with the speed restrictions on that particular piece of road and the vehicle you were driving, not traveling at a time when you may suspect or have reason to suspect that it was a busy time of day on that road. I would suggest on an A road building up queue of 50 cars is asking for trouble, but then that is subjective! Diana
  21. New |Old Stock Bedford Hazard Switch, £10 plus carriage.
  22. CVRT Steering Cylinder Bracket in good condition, no fractures or weld repairs. Tapped UNF not weird metric thread. £25 plus postage.
  23. Start at equal turns then tweak each screw until the engine runs smoothly. The screws will interact with each other. Diana
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