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  1. The Xmod did have quill shaft seals, as I bought a pair! but check against The Alvis Part number not the FV/NSN number. There is also a tool to remove the final drive, a hinged bar which screws into the large bolt hole above the final drive, supported at the opposite end by a jack, a chain is slung over the bar and fixed to the two oil drain hole. guide pins are screwed into the hull through the final drive and the drive is slid along the bar when unbolted. Diana
  2. Successfully used T wash on electro tin plate - depends what is meant by tin plate..as detailed below. Diana
  3. Compared to genuine 2 pack it's no match. Genuine 2 pack will prime anything it will etch using a spray gum brush or roller. Diana
  4. Try :- http://www.speedycables.com/ Just up the road from me. I've visited their factory, a well run organisation making cables and repairing speedometers of all kinds including jeep speedos. Diana
  5. In the PDF :- http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Craftsman-MARCH-2016.pdf Diana
  6. The relay will have been set up to pull in at a certain voltage and release at a certain voltage, both within the limits of spring pressure. Without knowing what they actually are it will be best guess, and yes the contact gap with the relay released will also have been specified to be within a certain tolerance. Diana
  7. When you say sticking is it sticking on (operated) or off (released) Clean the backstop, armature face and armature pivot, meths will be fine, be careful with some contacts cleaners as they dissolve things. DO NOT OIL! If it's sticking on increase the spring pressure and if off decrease. Also clean the contacts, burnishing with a flat screwdriver is fine, DO NOT USE a file, alternatively polishing paper. Try the cleaning before altering spring pressure. Diana
  8. I believe the carburettor is somewhat similar to the Marcus Solex fitted to B60 engines and CVRT's. If you search on here you will find a diagram I placed on the forum showing the parts. Alternatively look on http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk where you will find some info. Diana
  9. Have you cleaned and checked the carburettor as well as and especially the condition of the diaphragms? Diana
  10. Hi Robin, Yes it was quite problematic, the handbrake didn't work, I had an oil leak from a front wheel hub, easily fixed by reseating the rubber donut, and lots of other work, a new door and roof rear seal, the list goes on and on, The roof and rear body need a respray When I have time I'll put some pics up, but I'm busy at the moment. Diana
  11. Or "Enemy Prisoners Wireless" so the two men are most likely German, so it's a captured 18 set? Diana
  12. Testing a dynamotor? (with the AVO?) Diana
  13. UNF/C Socket head cap screws may have different head diameters depending on whether they were made to 1936 spec or 1960 spec, the socket wrench size is also different, even though the thread size is the same. Diana
  14. I fully understand that, and I am not arguing that for £10 PLI by the MVT isn't good value for money, more that some show organisers are either avoiding their responsibilities or trying to mitigate their responsibilities. The MVT appears to have full PLI for events it organises so why don't others? At Xmas I was going to attend the local Father Xmas parade until the local council insisted to see my driving licence, insurance and even a risk assessment, the outcome was I told them to stick it. I was told yesterday of an event that was held yearly - a driving skills test - that had been cancelled because of insurance liability, and we're not talking racing cars here but classic cars driving around cones. The whole thing is becoming nonsense to the point where nothing takes place lest someone gets sued and no-one benefits. Diana
  15. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/can-do-guide-for-organisers-of-voluntary-events/the-can-do-guide-to-organising-and-running-voluntary-and-community-events#what_is_public Section 6. Diana
  16. GE4811, available eBay (USA) . The sealed beam units are, if marked fog, maybe slightly lower wattage, but still work OK as long as they are dual beam. Diana
  17. Most of the inverter welders are light enough to be carried around and even stored indoors. In my experience it's transformer based equipment that can be affected as much by damp, especially when it gets into the windings. I have a multi process welder by Thermal Arc, Mig is ideal for filling bolt or screw holes in panels, so as far as I am concerned a multi process welder is ideal and the bees knees. Diana
  18. Check out the video's by ChuckE2009 on YouTube, If you buy a TIG welder make sure the gas valve is in the machine and not on the handle of the TIG torch, also that it comes with a TIG torch. Diana
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