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  1. Testing a dynamotor? (with the AVO?) Diana
  2. UNF/C Socket head cap screws may have different head diameters depending on whether they were made to 1936 spec or 1960 spec, the socket wrench size is also different, even though the thread size is the same. Diana
  3. I fully understand that, and I am not arguing that for £10 PLI by the MVT isn't good value for money, more that some show organisers are either avoiding their responsibilities or trying to mitigate their responsibilities. The MVT appears to have full PLI for events it organises so why don't others? At Xmas I was going to attend the local Father Xmas parade until the local council insisted to see my driving licence, insurance and even a risk assessment, the outcome was I told them to stick it. I was told yesterday of an event that was held yearly - a driving skills test - that had been
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/can-do-guide-for-organisers-of-voluntary-events/the-can-do-guide-to-organising-and-running-voluntary-and-community-events#what_is_public Section 6. Diana
  5. GE4811, available eBay (USA) . The sealed beam units are, if marked fog, maybe slightly lower wattage, but still work OK as long as they are dual beam. Diana
  6. Most of the inverter welders are light enough to be carried around and even stored indoors. In my experience it's transformer based equipment that can be affected as much by damp, especially when it gets into the windings. I have a multi process welder by Thermal Arc, Mig is ideal for filling bolt or screw holes in panels, so as far as I am concerned a multi process welder is ideal and the bees knees. Diana
  7. Check out the video's by ChuckE2009 on YouTube, If you buy a TIG welder make sure the gas valve is in the machine and not on the handle of the TIG torch, also that it comes with a TIG torch. Diana
  8. Try Champ spares - that's where I got one for my Ferret. Diana
  9. If I have gotten this wrong then I am sure someone will jump in and correct me. This is not an argument for or against the MVT obtaining PLI for its members, one of which I am, it is more an argument that event organisers are the ones who need to get PLI for their shows. Many of us own, maintain and repair vehicles, quite a few of which have historic origins or origins of great interest. Many of these vehicles are beyond common sense in terms of running them, e.g often below 20 MPG, some even gallons per mile. So we not only spend considerable amounts of money insuring, and maintaining the
  10. The face seals on the road wheels are actually Caterpillar seals! so Richard you are spot on. Diana
  11. Hi Chris, I will contact Mark - as for the 3D printing, I don't have a printer and the part is moulded onto the dipstick, which has a notch in it, thus trapping the metal into the plastic. Thanks again for all replies though Diana
  12. Hi, I am hoping someone has a Jaguar j60 dipstick surplus. Mine has suffered through age and oil at its plastic end. Thanks Diana
  13. http://www.prestolite.com/pgs_products/specs.php?item_detail_id=16537&item=1284150&product=ALTERNATOR Manufacturer - Prestolite Diana
  14. Very handy device that does work, took a load of rusty water and dirt from a tank of petrol. Fill it with water and not a drop runs through :-) ! http://www.agri-supply.co.uk/mr-funnel-f3/?gclid=CjwKEAjwnebABRCjpvr13dHL8DsSJABB-ILJVEEQUGsYCGPOZvm3qjOu6Ri3AqyGWqyUHyZggmDUyxoCdgLw_wcB Diana
  15. When a building is used as some sort of shrine( as per the "gutter press") to commemorate and re-ignite the actions, behaviour and views of a mass murder yes it is time to obliterate that object. Diana
  16. When a site, building or memorial is used to commemorate and reignite the beliefs of a mass murderer of 50 million people, one of the most pernicious and evil human beings ever born, then it is time to remove it like him and his kind off the face of the earth. Diana
  17. You've stated this before about it not being possible to be in business, however the fact remains that they are in business in The UK, with a limited 6 recoveries per year on tracked armour. Of course the laws in the USA regarding insurance maybe and probably are different. Here an insurance policy has to be legally honoured or else The Regulator can get involved. Diana
  18. The delay between taking our breakdown cover and its actual implementation is normal on many breakdown insurances. Diana
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