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  1. Lots of antifreeze? how much is lots ? is it 50/50 ? because if its more than 50/50 that maybe the cause. Get a device for measuring the ratio and do a proper check. Diana
  2. http://www.ptsnorfolk.co.uk/product.php/5712324/ BUT check its the correct lead for the particular headset you have. It appears clansman parts/spares are drying up :-( Diana
  3. The core is indeed a filler and not a conductor. No matter what a new lead is quicker, and easier than messing about trying to repair this Diana
  4. Buy a new lead off ebay, don't bother messing about. Diana
  5. Helston Gunsmiths ? - but take out a bank loan first. Diana
  6. Superglue...Bostik, Evostik breakdown with age. They were probably vulcanised on. Diana
  7. Remove the runflat insert, use the correct size inner tube. You will also need a rim band, there are rim bands and rim bands, the correct rim band is thickened where the tube valve protrudes through it, since the cutout in a Ferret rim is quite wide and long. The thickening supports the tube valve stem. Diana
  8. It's your Ferret as a few have said. One point to bear in mind, If/When you come to sell it you may have a few problems. People like to buy as near as original as possible. Diana
  9. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?54666-CVRT-Final-Drive-Seal
  10. Really Useful and relatively cheap copper tube lug crimper Durite 0-703-90 Diana
  11. Item 24 shows the seal, its a standard synthetic rubber seal along with its dimensions - so you should be able to get one at a seal supplier or online. Diana
  12. Why have you not got the spare parts manual (common items)? That would answer a lot of your questions. Diana
  13. The Xmod did have quill shaft seals, as I bought a pair! but check against The Alvis Part number not the FV/NSN number. There is also a tool to remove the final drive, a hinged bar which screws into the large bolt hole above the final drive, supported at the opposite end by a jack, a chain is slung over the bar and fixed to the two oil drain hole. guide pins are screwed into the hull through the final drive and the drive is slid along the bar when unbolted. Diana
  14. Successfully used T wash on electro tin plate - depends what is meant by tin plate..as detailed below. Diana
  15. Compared to genuine 2 pack it's no match. Genuine 2 pack will prime anything it will etch using a spray gum brush or roller. Diana
  16. Try :- http://www.speedycables.com/ Just up the road from me. I've visited their factory, a well run organisation making cables and repairing speedometers of all kinds including jeep speedos. Diana
  17. In the PDF :- http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Craftsman-MARCH-2016.pdf Diana
  18. The relay will have been set up to pull in at a certain voltage and release at a certain voltage, both within the limits of spring pressure. Without knowing what they actually are it will be best guess, and yes the contact gap with the relay released will also have been specified to be within a certain tolerance. Diana
  19. When you say sticking is it sticking on (operated) or off (released) Clean the backstop, armature face and armature pivot, meths will be fine, be careful with some contacts cleaners as they dissolve things. DO NOT OIL! If it's sticking on increase the spring pressure and if off decrease. Also clean the contacts, burnishing with a flat screwdriver is fine, DO NOT USE a file, alternatively polishing paper. Try the cleaning before altering spring pressure. Diana
  20. I believe the carburettor is somewhat similar to the Marcus Solex fitted to B60 engines and CVRT's. If you search on here you will find a diagram I placed on the forum showing the parts. Alternatively look on http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk where you will find some info. Diana
  21. Have you cleaned and checked the carburettor as well as and especially the condition of the diaphragms? Diana
  22. Hi Robin, Yes it was quite problematic, the handbrake didn't work, I had an oil leak from a front wheel hub, easily fixed by reseating the rubber donut, and lots of other work, a new door and roof rear seal, the list goes on and on, The roof and rear body need a respray When I have time I'll put some pics up, but I'm busy at the moment. Diana
  23. Or "Enemy Prisoners Wireless" so the two men are most likely German, so it's a captured 18 set? Diana
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