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  1. The switch is pneumatic. In the event that the oil fix doesn't work a new leather seal can be made from a disc of 1.2 mm thick leather, after drilling out the rivet in the centre of the piston and replacing with a small screw and nut. Nominally its a 10 second delay but that may not be on both right and left. - it's a bit of a hit/miss affair regarding timing. Diana
  2. http://www.totectyres.co.uk/Trucks.aspx Incidentally Totec will also supply the correct radial tyres for Ferret's etc - so they need not all end up with Bar Grips. and the correct tyre is not 8 ply either.. Diana
  3. In the Works bookshop yesterday - Haynes Owners Workshops manuals reduced from £22 to £6. I saw The Tiger, Sherman and Chieftain. There may have been others. Diana
  4. Liquid Paraffin is a mineral oil, not the best thing to put on rubber (depending on the rubber of course) The best safe thing for rubber is silicon oil/grease. Diana
  5. A CVR(T) fitted with a J60 engine, which is to all intents and purposes an E type engine/XJ6 engine, when fitted in a car has a 12V nominal 66AH battery. Therefore two 12 volt batteries in series @66AH is more than adequate (Cranking amps unknown), however 770A seems to be recommended @12V AGM cells info = https://nyln.org/agm-batteries-pros-and-cons-list Diana
  6. I shopped around and bought a pair of https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/x2-varta-j3-6tn-promotive-black-battery.html In my opinion they are far superior to the cheaper 6tn, a pair of which I have. I use a pair of Varta blue batteries on my Ferret, after 7 years they are still going strong. Diana
  7. Why don't you have the service manual? It's the first thing anyone buying a MV should get after buying the vehicle. If you don't have the manual (provided you can get one), and there are plenty available for the Fox, then you will have a problem looking after it and resolving problems.
  8. Lots of antifreeze? how much is lots ? is it 50/50 ? because if its more than 50/50 that maybe the cause. Get a device for measuring the ratio and do a proper check. Diana
  9. http://www.ptsnorfolk.co.uk/product.php/5712324/ BUT check its the correct lead for the particular headset you have. It appears clansman parts/spares are drying up :-( Diana
  10. The core is indeed a filler and not a conductor. No matter what a new lead is quicker, and easier than messing about trying to repair this Diana
  11. Buy a new lead off ebay, don't bother messing about. Diana
  12. Helston Gunsmiths ? - but take out a bank loan first. Diana
  13. Superglue...Bostik, Evostik breakdown with age. They were probably vulcanised on. Diana
  14. Try :- http://www.speedycables.com/ Just up the road from me. I've visited their factory, a well run organisation making cables and repairing speedometers of all kinds including jeep speedos. Diana
  15. I believe the carburettor is somewhat similar to the Marcus Solex fitted to B60 engines and CVRT's. If you search on here you will find a diagram I placed on the forum showing the parts. Alternatively look on http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk where you will find some info. Diana
  16. Have you cleaned and checked the carburettor as well as and especially the condition of the diaphragms? Diana
  17. The carburettor on the J60 is fundamentally the same as that on a Daimler Ferret, albeit a slightly larger version with a different design for the altitude compensation. If you look on the Daimler Ferret website there should be enough info there to determine how the carburetor works and how to strip it. Problems arise from dirt in the jets and body as well as two internal gauze filters, Air Leaks through worn shafts, faulty seals and gaskets and stiff or punctured diaphragms caused be old age as well as incorrect idling and mixture adjustment. Its also possible that the accelerator
  18. We've renewed our cover for insurance and breakdown with Adrian Flux. I queried the issue of non renewal of breakdown and in respect of this particular thread. You seem to have been misinformed, breakdown cover is still available with a policy from Adrian Flux, nothing has changed D&J
  19. Hi All the info you will ever need is on Andy's website, including manuals and parts suppliers. http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk/ Cant help on the servo as our Ferret doesn't have one- despite which now the braking system has been overhauled the stopping distance for a 4 ton vehicle isn't too bad at all. D&J
  20. Hi, Its likely that every wheel cylinder and the master cylinder will need overhauling. Go to each wheel cylinder and see if you can turn the brake bleed nipple. If you can't then the cylinder will need replacing as the bleed nipple is seized and if forced will likely break off. The brake nipples and cylinders are exactly the same on every wheel station, other parts may not be. Personally, after a similar experience, I would remove each cylinder (if serviceable) and get them lined with stainless steel. The same with the master cylinder. Renew the rubber seals in all cylinders - Oh
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