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  1. If I was applying to get this vehicle road registered and they refused I would using the Freedom of Information Act ask them to confirm how many of the type of vehicle (being specific about the vehicle) were registered for use on the public highway. When they gave an answer of more than one (and presuming they did) then their previous utterances become nonsense. If you want to beat officialdon the best course of action is to use their crap against them. Diana and Jackie
  2. If The Indicators operate normally then its highly likely the relay in the switch is faulty. There is a cover over the switch/relay which you will have to remove to get at the innards. Diana and Jackie
  3. If you find a stubborn grease nipple place a cloth (a cotton hankie is good) over the grease nipple then place the grease gun over the nipple and force the grease through the cloth. Works every time! Diana and Jackie:nut:
  4. My Parners son, who is a serving soldier not long back from Afganistan after being wounded tells us he is about to undergo military driving training in: - A Landrover, Tank and a FERRET! Details of this Ferret will be made known as soon as we know ourselves. We will be offering him an advance course on ours plus allowing him to get extensive servicing knowledge whilst we watch. In order to cut cost we are prepared to offer this to others in the military at a much reduced rate, thus allowing them to sell of their last? remaining Ferret (to us :-D) Diana and Jackie :cool2:
  5. What was ommitted is the time spent recovering from the cuts bruises and scrapes, as well as the money spent on bandages and plasters as you perform feats of unimaginable gymnastics getting to the bits never got to before... Diana and Jackie
  6. It may indeed be a "HELLA" make switch. Terminal 15, which is the unswitched live feed is not used. On the rear of a switch is a relay, this switches the nearside (Kerbside in the UK) indicators. On our switch this was damaged, so I cut it out and replaced it with a bolt on relay wired to the old relays terminals. The relay is used because the Ferret's existing indicator relay cannot cope with 4 indicator bulbs. The small bulb in the middle of the switch which is not show can be replaced with a Maplin BT53H, with two soldered blobs on each side of the bulb. The end result is s
  7. If the brake fluid is changed every 2 years then the cylinders should last a long time. Brake fluid loves water ( and eats paint) so after a while the water it absorbs collects in one spot and then rusts any steel/iron in that area. It's possible to maladjust the brake adjuster on a ferret such that even when the brake cylinder/handbrake is working correctly the brake will not come on (both foot and handbrake). I was quite amazed by this, which I only found out following removal of the brake drum, after we'd renewed the wheel cylinder and the brake still would not work. The cure is
  8. The circuit is a modified turn indicator circuit, using a hazard switch which incoporates a relay on the switch, looking on the web there is a similar system but for 12 volts. I've found loads of circuits for the landrover but they dont use this particular hazard switch. It doesnt help that flasher relays have incomprehensible numbers but this site is helpful in explaining that. http://www.airheads.org/content/view/159/49/ I may end up modifying the circuit to use an electronic relay, and a new switch. Here is a kit for 12 volts -https://www.holden.co.uk/displayProduct.asp?pCode=S
  9. Hi, The Hazard warnings do not work on our Ferret - I've investigated and the problem lies with the switch - which no one appears to have. I belive it can be repaired as the problem is simply the small relay built into the switch which I plan to substitute, the current relay has disintegrated. Has anyone got the circuit? and before I get bombarded with "go look at http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk/" the circuits there do not have the wiring for the hazard warning switch - despite the website saying so. only the indicator wiring minus the hazard circuit. I have looked at every circuit p
  10. Hi, Were you able to fix it it did you have to replace it? Our ferret gushes water out of the valve (Overheating) when it comes up the hill outside our home- maybe the revs are too low, but I'm suspicious of the valve. Only recently fixed the temperature guage so not yet able to see the overheating situation as the vehicle is off road having a beauty treatment on its brakes - driving with brakes on 3 wheels as the previous owner was doing is not good for ones health. :shocked: Diana and Jackie
  11. All seals renewed, transfer box drained and refilled with Carlube EP90. The hardest parts were removing the spilt pins holding the drive shaft flanges, especially at the rear, luckily we had a breaker bar otherwise we would never have been able to remove some of the bolts, plus two good quality socket sets, and the most essential part a magnetic pickup. Joints were sealed with Silicon RTV and fingers crossed we cannot see any leaks. Finally below are the brake band adjusters, which dont look too bad? We'll be checking the level of all gearboxes for a short while. The green
  12. Hi Richard, We'll ponder this and get back to you... on the face of it then it seems possible to fill both boxes with SAE30? There's a world of difference between SAE30 and EP90, I do know that one box has oil and the other, which I had filled correctly is not now filled correctly...on top of which the transverse box oil which we withdrew had all the look of water contamination (milky) though I am not sure if that was an effect of mixing SAE30 and EP90... Its bad enough having oil seals on the outside without having them inside. In any event sometime this weekend the brake band
  13. Hi again Richard, Changing these particular seals is not difficut - we decided to do all four, and took the side hatches off to do it as well as replacing all 16 prop shaft bolts and nylocks with new high tensile ones. It now maybe that the 2 seals between the gearbox and transverse box are also gone hard as I have a suspicion that the gearbox oil level is dropping, now that the transverse box is empty after we suctioned it out with an oil pump. A new gearbox is an astronomical price :-| so how easy or hard is it to change those 2 seals plus the input shaft seal and we may as well
  14. Thanks Richard - eactly the advice we needed. We do have a pullers. And Yes the cylinders usually come with cables if new parts. Diana And Jackie
  15. Its a mark 2 - that's the problem - removing the turret! If the 4 prop shaft drive oil seals can be changed with the box in situ please let us know.. just changed the 4 brake cylinders and cables - the cable adjuster on the rear offside is a PIG to get at/adjust, so dont fancy removing the box after all that if possible. Diana and Jackie (The Ferret Girls)
  16. We have a problem!... apart from the others this is a big one :nut: leaks from the differential prop shaft output - a faulty oil seal. Does anyone know how many oils seals if any (yes know about the fluid flywheel seal can) be replaced on the gearbox/diffferential/prop shaft drives without removing the gearbox - but maybe pulling it back and removing relevant bits? Diana and Jackie
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