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  1. I think, as I have such a box, that you will find that the centre of the hinge pin is drilled and tapped to take a bolt. The bolt goes through the drilled hole on the hole in the protrusion on the box.
    As Chris says with the box fitted the roof can't be opened.


  2. Electrotherm will not deal with members of the public. - I tried for spares.

    If the MOD are paying over a £1000 for these they are soft in the head, and wasting public money They are well made  and tough, but there's nothing special inside them. The thing that's likely to go pop is the thermal cut out.


    BTW CAPITALS = SHOUTING, so I don't shout 🙂


  3. Shock absorbers that didn't need changing which were "faulty",  steering that was showing signs of wear, which I couldn't find that passed on the following years test - explain that one?

    If there's not an issue when a garage says there is that's plain and simple falsification - report them.

    Most often people who have no idea get taken in and payout for repairs that don't exist or were not needed. Youtube is littered with examples, the bad reputation in general of garages continues.


  4. As Chris states the rear set of batteries (if fitted) feed the RJB (Radio Junction Box) which is to the left of the commanders cupola, there will still be power to the RJB even with no batteries but the engine has to be running..

    From the RJB  2 core  power cables are run individually to the radio sets , and either an IB2 or IB3. The 2 core cable is terminated in a 2 pin female connector at each radio set and IB3/2

    From the IB2 or IB3 a 12 core cable ring is run around the vehicle feeding into and out of the different Clansman boxes returning to the IB3 or 2.

    As stated elsewhere no Clansman radio set is needed, nor needs to be fitted.to operate the intercom, The yellow fronted (ANR) boxes are the best option, but then the correct ANR headset needs to be used with the ANR system.

    There are some weird interactions between between the rear batteries and the vehicle if the rear batteries are not kept charged, If I remember correctly this is referred to elsewhere on the site, I've also noticed it too.


  5. Some info came my way about a batch of CVRT wheels that the MOD bought.
    The only way to put rubber on a CVRT wheel, or other armoured tracked vehicle wheels is vulcanising.

    It would seem some bright spark decided they would press the tyres on the wheel of a batch the MOD bought from them, not long after these tyres started dropping off.
    I wouldn't be  a bit surprised if some of these wheels were appearing here and there.

  6. The speed limiter has a fuse, on Belgian CVRT the fuse holder is separate to and close by the ignition coil. On British CVRT it's usually cunningly under one of the cable inlets to the ignition coil.
    Unscrew the cable inlet cover and pull the fuse thus disabling the limiter, which often these days can be faulty.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Manylandrovers said:

    I’d love to know what spanner was used to get at those two nuts...a very short one..


    1 hour ago, Manylandrovers said:

    Nightmare to get off the manifold....!!

    Stubbys spanners and easy peasy with the engine cover lifted.

  8. I could feel it on one of the idler wheels not the other, even with a road wheel lifted it wasn't that apparent, only when I took  the wheels off and turned the hub was it clear there was excess drag.
    It's caused by years old oil past its days, or in the case of the idler hub goodness knows what lubricant because it wasn't oil.


  9. The friction in the hubs may not be apparent until the road/idler wheels are removed, it's not just the oil has thickened, it appears either the wrong lubricant has been added, or the oil has degraded (after years).
    There is no maintenance schedule to change the oil in the hubs, hence it probably never gets changed.
    I tried the oil change and it didn't work.
    I had to strip and washout the hub bearings, refit them  and refill to cure the excess friction.

  10. After a run don't just switch the engine off, let it idle for a while, it's the hottest running engine I've ever encountered.

    Make sure the plate on the bottom of the gearbox compartment is fitted.

    It seems on every wheel of mine the bearings need a washout, as they are way too stiff, since the oil has gone thick.  12 tight bearing sets add a lot of friction and increased fuel consumption as well as engine heat,

    (12 includes the idlers)

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