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  1. I think you will find that from now on there will be NI to pay whatever age if you work.

    A few weeks ago I took my CVRT out, we went through a busy part of my area, my neighbour was astonished when a driver pulled out on front of me, I expect it, even driving a CVRT - seen it all before.

    Car and van drivers have no idea they are dicing with death challenging heavy vehicles and it's regular occurrence these days.

    "You will still have to put up with the idiots who carve you up and take responsibility for anything that goes wrong even if it is not your fault."

    Very true

  2. Your problem will come getting insurance, you can be added to someone else's who owns and drives a class H, but as a learner you are unlikely to get insurance to drive on a public highway.
    I taught a friend to drive my CVRT, from Europe as a learner on my insurance, cost about £50 for a week.

  3. CVRT has come back to haunt them 🙂

    Soon there's be offers to buy them all back, after they've refurbished The Warriors, they weren't going to refurbish.

    Seen all this before, university graduates fresh out of uni full of bright ideas, that don't work because they have no practical experience, meanwhile all the experienced people were paid off, put out to graze or went to other companies.

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  4. If it were me I'd change the lot for LED bulbs, the dimmer wont work but you won't be at war anytime soon (we hope) , then at least you can actually use the lights and see things,  the drain on the battery is next to nothing.
    I'd also put a red LED bulb somewhere left on. I have a nasty habit of forgetting to switch the battery switch off and the battery goes flat. The red LED soon reminds you that the main switch is on.

  5. If you have the manual which tells you what the fuse size then it should tell you the bulb size, which is maybe  5 watts, and they are pretty dim.  You'd need around  10 of them to consume about 3 amps or 5 of 10 watts  to consume about 6 amps
    Fuses don't trip by the way - circuit breakers do. A fuse blows.

  6. If you remove the hydraulic  line (disconnect it at the master cylinder) underneath the floor plate on the cylinder you may be able to push the pistons back, or more easily slack off the bleed screw  on the caliper after placing a bleed tube over the bleed screw (so the fluid doesnt go all over the place) then push back the pistons.

    Remember the right cylinder controls the left caliper and visa versa

    It;s fairly obvious when the pads are worn, unlike sticking your head under a car and trying to judge.

    Getting the caliper off the gearbox with the box in situ is umm- difficult!

    With the fluid out of the calipers(s) you should have plenty of fun getting the air out when you  go to bleed them 🙂

    BTW when you pushed back the other caliper pistons you didn't by any chance fill up the fluid reservoir? as that's where the fluid will flow back to.
    If it's full that may be one reason why you can't get the other caliper pistons back......

  7. I think, as I have such a box, that you will find that the centre of the hinge pin is drilled and tapped to take a bolt. The bolt goes through the drilled hole on the hole in the protrusion on the box.
    As Chris says with the box fitted the roof can't be opened.


  8. Electrotherm will not deal with members of the public. - I tried for spares.

    If the MOD are paying over a £1000 for these they are soft in the head, and wasting public money They are well made  and tough, but there's nothing special inside them. The thing that's likely to go pop is the thermal cut out.


    BTW CAPITALS = SHOUTING, so I don't shout 🙂


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