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  1. On 9/25/2020 at 1:10 AM, robin craig said:

    Martyn there is one in existence in the form of a replica owned by a Land Rover owner on the UK circuit, I have not personally seen i, I am told the trails give it away.

    Apart from that I am not aware of any, but I am frequently wrong


    Thanks Robin

  2. On 11/25/2017 at 9:22 AM, ferretfixer said:

    LOOKS like the standard brown painted steel ammo containers. Which were used with a variety of Ammo Types & calibres.

    Yes, one of these would have held Two green plastic twin Bomb carriers. For 81mm Mortar Bombs. Making a total of four bombs to each Steel Transit Box.

    Thanks mate

  3. Hi chaps

    I'm researching Falklands Scimitar and Scorpions and they all have extra stowage in the form of Rarden ammo boxes and/or 81mm ammo boxes.

    Does anyone have these boxes please? I'm after good photo's and accurate measurements?

    Thanks for any help in advance.




  4. Thanks John. That's great exactly what I needed.


    A CD would be great too...or if easier you could send a file by WeTransfer...it's free to do so?


    Ta. Smudge


    PS...Darrell...thanks but I just needed the info and a photo or two. Cheers

  5. I'm after info on the eight foot tow ropes sometimes seen on the front of CVRT's.


    Am I right in thinking these are not the same as the kinetic energy ropes?


    I found this pic below I reckon they are eight foot ropes, and as I understand it the recovery process involves 2 x eight foot ropes and 1 x 30 foot kinetic rope? The kinetic rope is normally carried on one troop vehicle or a Samson?


    If I'm correct what is the proper nomenclature for the ropes below? Anyone have any good pictures of the tow ropes on your vehicles? Any pics of the 30' KER?


    A few questions there, thanks in anticipation for any help.


    Finally; does anyone have a Scorpion/Scimitar CES I can beg for, especially the section on 'vehicle loose items'?






  6. Thanks Diana


    That's helpful ta.





    BCF is now illegal (except in aircraft and other permitted equipment). It was plumbed in to the engine compartment.


    The best alternative is Foam, however some will argue not, though dry powder makes an awful mess. People who rally use foam (lifeline 2000)



  7. Around 1990/1991. I have the mod instruction somewhere, I'll have to look it up.


    Cheers. Much appreciated...the date and details of teh instruction would be very helpful




    I understand that Ex Scorepole instigated 600 mods? Have these every been compiled and dated...that would be great I can't get my head around all the modifications?



  8. Hello ian,

    QLD of course? Here's my dad's 1941.



    Reading the question again, the bed of the rear body was wood and the sides steel.



    Hi John


    Thanks for the help. Just a question on your dad's 1941 QL. I was told that the mudguard strengtheners were added late on maybe as late as 1944, or post war? Could your dad's have been restored using newer mudguards?


    I can see what you mean about the radiator grill





  9. Hi all


    I have heard that the Bedford QLD came in early and late versions can anyone point out the major differances to a layman please?


    When was the switch from early to late models?


    Did some have wooden cargo beds or were they all sheet steel?


    Did they all have the tray for the gas detector paint in front of the driver or was this feature phased out and if so when?


    What were the common lighting arrangements?


    In anticipation, thanks



  10. I am currently coming to the end of a two year restoration ( on and off !) of my 6 pdr which will join the 57mm gun in my collection.And credit to Adrian B for his expert assistance in the final faze.:clap:

    I have a very large library of pictures so I will sort through and post some but for now here are some of the 57mm gun.


    Hi Rob


    I'm watching your build with great interest. Kudos to you mate a great job.


    I look forward to seeing more pictures; do you have any period/in action ones?






    PS; I used to spend a lot of time at Catterick shame I still don't :cool2:

  11. Hi fellas


    Thats great thanks.


    I've heard another reason the wheel isn't fitted to the bonnet is that squaddies tend to drop the bonnet and the wheel ends up trashing the fibreglass...or is that a falacy?


    Is it right the RWMIK is also built on redundant Snatch chassis?





  12. Hi guys


    I'm trying to get my head around the WMIK so I hope you can help with some the more technical side of it...I know theres the WMIK, E-WMIK and now the R-WMIK but when did each come into service/replace the other(s)? I also have a basic idea but what are differances exactly? Also; did the very early ones (say Sierra Leone/Macedonia) carry the spare on the bonnet like the Wolf or has it always been on the side?


    I'm sure I saw a photo from Sierra Leone with one on the bonnet?





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