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  1. Hello all, Adrian has pointed out the summer weight denim version was in use in Normandy, Many photos exist showing them being worn by armoured units in the final training before the invasion.As pointed out, the winter weight, serge lined version, was not issued until the autumn of 1944. Some less lofty units such as armoured car crews, had to wait until the end of the year for their winter suits. Winter dress in 43rd Recce Regiment for instance consisted of serge battledress, greatcoats and leather jerkin over the greatcoat! Not the easiest rig to wear inside a Humber or Daimler AC even allowing for 40s racing snake physiques, but it was a very cold winter that year! I've never seen any evidence that the camo suits were used in NW Europe but if someone has a dated photo..... Regards Paul
  2. Hello all, Does anyone out there have a WW2 period battery for a Hellesen Lamp? The lamps were carried in many British Tanks and Armoured Cars and I would like to mock up some batteries for a couple of lamps I have. They were in use long after the war so someone out there must have one, or at least know what the things look like. The following document shows the spec for a No4 battery which seems to be the right size, albeit of a later date, for the frame of the lamp. http://www.royalsignals.org.uk/files/defstan/01000250.pdf The lamp itself is shown here: Can anyone help with a photo or details of the correct WW2 battery? Cheers Paul
  3. Hello Andy, Given the date, possibly a Wireless Set 11. The WS 19 would have been used later. I have had a quick look at the photo and it certainly seems to be an earlier pattern of aerial base. I own a 1942 Daimler armoured car, and some of the early DACs were fitted with a WS11. Regards Paul
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