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  1. In the process of rebuilding the T84 gearbox on the jeep. I'm replacing the Synchro Blocking Rings and received some TAS manufactured ones in the post. I did see something online about there being an issue with poor manufacture of these due to not sitting tightly on the input shaft. Has anyone come across this. I'm waiting on a new input shaft as well which hasn't arrived as yet, hence the question!

  2. Next on the list. I need to replace the input shaft bearing on the transmission. Snap ring is off. Have tried gently tapping the bearing from the rear but the bearing is not shifting. Is it just a question of liberally spraying it with penetrating oil and trying to tap it off. Anyone else had to replace it? Any tips or tricks?


  3. Yes the screw which holds the pin in place does have a square head. I had to resort to drilling out the shifter pivot pin. I say shifter pivot pin, but it had been replaced in the past by a solid metal rod and there was no way it was going to drift out. 14 drill bits and 3 hours later.

  4. In the last stages of removing the transfer box from my GPW. Now to drop the transfer box out I need to remove both the small shifters for the Hi/Lo and 4WD. In order to do that I need to get the pin out that holds the bar in place which the shifters attach to. What sort of pin is it, apart from being Bl***y awkward to get to. Is it a hex screw, slot,cross type? Any pointers gratefully received. 

  5. Hi Rick,

    Out of interest how many vehicles attended W@W this year approx.

    Apart from armour did there seem any increase in attendance ?

    It was difficult to say as the layout was different, there were the same amount if not a few more there this year. We were going to go up for the weekend but sprogs with the weather forecast made us change plans so only went up Saturday. Public attendance was low not surprising considering it rained all day and a couple of stallholders didnt turn up but the traders I spoke to said that they had done OK. Mainly a lot of light/mediums.

  6. 1940's Weekend at Milton Keynes Museum, 5th - 6th September 2015.


    The biggest event of the year for M.K. Museum. Living History and re-enactor displays, live acts, outdoor and indoor stages. Due to development plans and the expansion of parking for the public the event for vehicles will be admittance only with a valid pass which you can apply for purely so that we can organise parking for them. Pre 1949 vehicles only no replicas. Contact details on the MVT website or PM me for an application form.


  7. Gary, download Adblock, its easy and free and it works. This subject has come up before! Maybe HMVF should do a Youtube channel and reap the benefits from that, if it works for Stampylongnose (ask my kids) for minecraft videos maybe it would work as well for HMVF. As long as jack doesn't mind doing the videos and talking in an incredibly annoying voice over the top.

  8. I recently acquired a family set of medals, WW1 and WW2, the WW1 are standard ones and I have the history for them. But I'm trying to get a history/medal card for a couple of police medals that Im not familiar with, they also came with an embroidered badge with an MP insignia on it. The first medal is a standard issue Defence Medal 39-45, but it also comes with a medal for exemplary police service, the name engraved on it is to a Sergeant Ronald D. Pummell. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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