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  1. Hi I have joined to try to get more info on the pair of Ex SAS Range Rover classics I own. So if you know anything or man who know a man let me know. Paul
  2. Hi Tony, Mine have both got full LR chassis number and I have spoken to LR on them and they were both Special Vehicle build. I have confirmed via MERLIN that there were 22reg and both part of batch (6 for the 1993 / 2 for the 1995). What did yours have and do you have details (Mil reg etc), as so far I have details of 15. Regards Paul
  3. Hi all, I have a pair of ex 22reg SAS Range Rovers (1993/1195). They have the norm stuff (full roll cages, map lights, odd holes and brackets etc) But I'm trying to find out more info on them.... Any one have any ? Thanks Paul
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